Adjectives for Thomas

Adjectives For Thomas

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing thomas, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The name 'Thomas' carries with it a rich tapestry of meanings and connotations, illuminated through the adjectives often paired with it. From the 'old Thomas,' suggesting wisdom and a lifetime of experiences, to 'young Thomas,' full of vitality and the promise of future achievements. 'Late Thomas' evokes a sense of loss and remembrance, while 'apostle Thomas' ties to deep-rooted historical and religious significance. 'Little Thomas' brings forth images of youth or perhaps a diminutive stature, and 'poor Thomas' echoes with empathy for struggles faced. Each adjective shapes our understanding of Thomas in nuanced ways, bringing to life the stories and images behind the name. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives attached to 'Thomas' and uncover the layers of meaning each one adds.
oldOld thomas ambled down the cobblestone streets.
youngYoung thomas skipped happily through the meadow.
lateLate thomas arrives often.
apostleApostle thomas was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.
littleLittle thomas skipped down the street.
poorPoor thomas sighed, his heart heavy with worry.
goodGood thomas is a reliable and trustworthy person.
evanEvan thomas is an American journalist, author, and television commentator.
andreAndre thomas a highly skilled and experienced professional, has been appointed as the new Vice President of Operations.
dearDear thomas how are you?
youngerYounger thomas was excited to start his new job.
secondI saw the second thomas train go by.
trueTrue thomas rode all alone
blessedBlessed thomas was a Dominican friar and theologian who lived in the 13th century.
realI'm meeting the real thomas tomorrow.
moyMoy thomas carried out research on fossil fish.
woodyWoody thomas was later named to the second team for the entire league and earned All-America honors.
formerThe former thomas plant is now a Superfund site.
famousFamous thomas built a railroad.
wynfordWynford thomas is a Welsh footballer who plays for Fleetwood Town.
eldestEldest thomas is so handsome.
biggerThe bigger thomas was a better quarterback than the smaller one.
socialistSocialist thomas refused to cooperate with the capitalist overlords.
welshThe Welsh thomas is a type of cat that is known for its distinctive appearance.
elderElder thomas gave a sermon at the church on Sunday.
celebratedI celebrated Thomas' birthday with a cake.
collierCollier thomas is a professional football player who plays for the Miami Dolphins.
armourArmour thomas was a former American football center.
llewellynLlewellyn thomas was an American physicist and Nobel laureate.
dayDay thomas wondered how he would ever find the lost treasure.
ambroiseAmbroise thomas was a 19th-century French composer best known for his operas.
mawdesleyMawdesley thomas was the first black man to play for the England national football team.
weinbergerWeinberger thomas is a professional footballer who plays as a forward for Bundesliga club Arminia Bielefeld
olderOlder thomas was a wise old man.
prestonPreston thomas has written extensively on American history.
fitzHe picked up the phone and dialed the number that fitz thomas had given him.
conservativeConservative thomas dissented.
coulsonCoulson thomas is a rising star in the music industry.
yeoYeo thomas being an elderly man, was in no condition to travel alone.
radoucoRadouco thomas is a famous soccer player.
youngestThe youngest thomas is only five years old.
compareCompare thomas to his younger brother.
saintSaint thomas was a Dominican friar and Catholic priest who was born in the 13th century.
stratmanStratman thomas is a famous professional baseball coach.
ungoedUngoed thomas investigated the murder.
buhnerBuhner thomas is a professional baseball player.
orvilleOrville thomas published a journal article last year titled "The Collapse of the Dewey Decimal System."
guillaumeGuillaume thomas a French footballer, currently plays for Dijon in the Ligue 2.
belovedBeloved thomas I miss you dearly.
oliveOlive thomas was an American silent film actress, model, and Ziegfeld girl.
forrestForrest thomas is a famous American football player.
gloriousIn a glorious thomas the captain fearlessly commanded the ship through the treacherous waters
honestHonest thomas admitted his wrongdoing without hesitation.
clementClement thomas was a Welsh doctor and politician.
twinTwin thomas was born six days after his twin sister, Mary.
worthyWorthy thomas was an English architect who worked in the Gothic style.
waltherWalther thomas designed and built the first successful German aircraft, the Thomas flyer in 1914.
incredulousIncredulous thomas refused to believe until he saw with his own eyes.
fermiFermi thomas was an Italian physicist who made significant contributions to quantum mechanics.
centuryThere is a legend that the Marquis de Lafayette planted a sweet gum tree near Century thomas Manor in the 1820s.
plainA plain thomas is a type of bagel.
durhamDurham thomas was a famous painter and sculptor.
learnedThe learned thomas stood before us, ready to impart his wisdom.
braveBrave thomas stood tall and faced the challenge head-on.
proPro thomas the lawyer arrived at court to defend his client.

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