Adjectives for Thousands

Adjectives For Thousands

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing thousands, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'thousands' can significantly impact the tone and clarity of a sentence. Using 'many' emphasizes a large, but somewhat vague, quantity, suggesting a sense of abundance. 'Several' brings a sense of manageability and specificity, hinting at a countable amount that, while not small, is less overwhelming. 'Few' juxtaposes against the inherent plurality of 'thousands,' introducing a nuanced limitation or scarcity within a larger context. 'Countless' escalates the vastness, portraying an immeasurable or infinite quantity. 'Worth' ties the thousands to value, either materially or metaphorically, adding a layer of assessment or judgment. 'More' heightens comparison or progression, indicating an increase or excess. Each adjective unveils a unique perspective, leading to nuanced interpretations and understanding of quantity, value, or significance. Discover the full range of adjectives to navigate the intricate nuances they bring to 'thousands'.
manyMany thousands of people gathered in the streets to protest.
severalThere were several thousands of people at the rally.
fewThe few thousands of dollars he had saved were all he had to his name.
countlessYour computer has countless thousands of transistors that can perform multiple functions at once.
worthThe ancient artifact was worth thousands
moreThe concert hall was filled with more thousands than there were seats.
untoldThe untold thousands that died in the war were never forgotten.
additionalThe company has added additional thousands of dollars to their budget for next year.
unnumberedUnnumbered thousands flocked to the rally.
multipliedThe population of the city has multiplied thousands times in the last decade.
unknownUnknown thousands of lives have been lost to the disease.
tenThe population of the town has grown from ten thousands to over fifty thousands in the past decade.
dayThe day thousands of people came to protest was a day of great hope and change.
ruinedHis one mistake ruined thousands of lives.
innumerableThe stars twinkling in the night sky were innumerable thousands
distributedThe volunteers distributed thousands of flyers to promote the event.
trainedThe company has trained thousands of employees to use the new software.
oddI've got odd thousands in my bank account.
involvedThe project involved thousands of volunteers from all over the country.
displacedThe earthquake displaced thousands
uncountableThe uncountable thousands of people cheered for the team.
eagerEager thousands crowded the streets, their anticipation palpable.
paltryThe paltry thousands were not enough to make a difference.
hungryThe needy population stood in line for food, their hungry thousands waiting for sustenance.
forcedThe war forced thousands to leave their homes.
namelesscountless nameless thousands came together to fight
massedMassed thousands cheered the triumphant general.
injuredThe explosion injured thousands of people.
yearlyYearly thousands of people are killed by infectious diseases.
scatteredThe scattered thousands of the enemy made it hard to count their exact number.
busyThe busy thousands thronged the market square.
evenEven thousands of years later, the ruins of the ancient city still stood tall.
cheeringThe cheering thousands rose to their feet in thunderous applause.
inspiredThe groundbreaking theory is what inspired thousands of scientists across the globe.
homelessThe homeless thousands slept on the streets every night.
excitedThe announcement excited thousands of the university's supporters.
aloneAlone thousands of frightened and hungry sheep lay dead in fields near the mountain.

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