Adjectives for Three

Adjectives For Three

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing three, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'three' can dramatically alter the meaning and impact of a sentence, highlighting not just quantity but the essence of the subject matter at hand. Whether it's 'part three' of a gripping series, 'twenty-three' signifying a precise age, or 'ninety-three' marking a significant milestone, each combination carries its unique connotation and weight. These adjectives bring out the numeric value, emphasizing the importance of sequence, age, or quantity in the context they're used. Delve into the world of numbers and explore how they magnify the significance of 'three' in various contexts, inviting the reader into a deeper understanding of numerical expressions. For a richer exploration of how these adjectives play with 'three', dive into the full list below.
partThis is part three of our adventure.
twentyThe class contains twenty three students.
fortyI have forty three books on my shelf.
thirtyThe temperature outside was a scorching thirty three degrees Celsius.
ninetyThe school has ninety three students.
fiftyThe fifty three people who showed up for the party were all from different walks of life.
sixtyThere are sixty three students in my class.
sectionSection three is the final section of the document.
seventySeventy three elderly people enjoyed the performance last night.
twoThe athlete did two three laps to warm up her legs.
bookI'm excited to read book three of the series.
allShe ordered all three flavors of ice cream.
dayI can't believe it's already day three
phasePhase three of the project is now underway.
sixShe took her daily run around the six three track.
sceneThe scene three now shifts to a bustling marketplace.
unitUnit three covers some advanced topics in computer science.
levelThe hurricane has reached level three and is expected to make landfall soon.
lessonI'll be gone for lesson three
eightyI received eighty three dollars for my birthday.
caseLet's skip case three for now.
ruleThe rule three was applied to the dataset.
chorusThe chorus three includes a beautiful melody.
exerciseRead exercise three carefully.
calledThe play called three strikes.
nineI have to be at the store by nine three
volumeVolume three of the encyclopedia contained information about animals.
profoundThe profound three were a pensive group of thinkers.
problemProblem three was the most difficult.
pageHer image appeared on page three of the paper.
cardinalThe cardinal three sat perched upon the branch of a tree.
andI have two dogs and three cats.
weekI'm in week three of my new job and I'm really enjoying it.
postA post three
principlePrinciple three is to always be prepared.
groupThe group three students are the smartest in the class.
summaryThe summary three is a short overview of the main points.
excessThe excess three code is a binary-coded decimal system that represents decimal digits by adding three to the corresponding binary-coded decimal code.
prePre three children arrived, we didn't know how messy life could be.
blankThe outcome will be available in blank three weeks.
plateBring me plate three
exampleExample three is a good example to learn from.
gradeThe students in grade three were excited to start their new unit on ancient Egypt.
numberNumber three is the magic number.
chaptertwentyHe checked his watch. It was already chaptertwenty three and the lecture wasn't over yet.
childChild three is the youngest in the family.
tenI have ten three-dollar bills.
hundredThe total number of people who attended the event was one hundred three
staveThe stave three of the wine barrel was weak and needed reinforcement.
fiveJohn had five three-dollar bills
itemItem three is the most important one.
nineteenI have waited for you since nineteen three
episodeI can't wait to watch episode three of my favorite show.
defconThe situation had escalated to DEFCON three
zeroThe flight is expected to arrive at zero three zero zero hours.
hypothesisHypothesis three is supported by the data.
letterRemember to mail the letter three times before sending it.
titleTitle three is the third title of the story.
fearfulThe fearful three stood frozen in the hallway.
paragraphCheck the paragraph three to find more details.
birthThe birth three of the baby was a miracle.
strikeBatter up! The umpire called strike three and the team went wild.
pirateThe pirate three captured the treasure chest.

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