Adjectives for Thursday

Adjectives For Thursday

Discover the most fitting adjectives for Thursday to enhance your writing. Whether referring to last Thursday, next Thursday, the first or the second, our selection enriches your narratives. Dive into examples and uses that bring these descriptions to life, perfect for essays, articles, and more. Explore adjectives for Thursday now.

lastI went to the store last thursday
nextI will meet you next thursday
firstThe first thursday of the month is always a big event in our town.
secondThe second thursday of the month is always a busy day for the office.
thirdShe's out with friends almost every third thursday
fourthWe will have the meeting this Fourth thursday
previousThe meeting was scheduled for the previous thursday
openThe store is open thursday
lateI hope to see you late thursday
maundyOn Maundy thursday Jesus and the disciples celebrated the Passover.
holyOn Holy thursday we commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples.
alternateI have an alternate thursday morning staff meeting.
hotThe hot thursday was perfect for a day at the beach.
dueMy report is due thursday
4thI'll see you on the 4th thursday
eventfulIt was a rather eventful thursday
fatefulThe fateful thursday brought unexpected events that would change the course of their lives forever.
fatalDespite the fatal thursday she carried on with her normal routine.
5thThere is no 5th thursday in a month.
rainyThe rainy thursday afternoon was perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.
sunnyIt's a beautiful sunny thursday afternoon.
6thI have never heard of a 6th thursday
bloodyThe troops opened fire on unarmed protesters on Bloody thursday
everyEvery thursday I go to the gym.
13thFred last celebrated his birthday on the 13th thursday of the month.
readyI'll be ready thursday
seventhThe seventh thursday in a month doesn't exist.
fearfulIt was a fearful thursday when the town was attacked by zombies.
10thThe 10th thursday of the month is a nonexistent day
numberI like to play Bingo on number thursday
throughThe deadline to submit your resume is through thursday
18thThe 18th thursday of the month was bustling with activity.
ninthI have an appointment on the ninth thursday of next month.
17thI don't understand what you mean by "17th thursday".
blessedestMay your blessedest thursday be filled with joy and peace.
sherSher thursday was a day for celebration and gathering.
16th16th thursday is not valid date.
24thThe 24th thursday of the year is not a real day.
stormyThe stormy thursday kept us indoors.

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