Adjectives for Tickets

Adjectives For Tickets

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing tickets, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe tickets can significantly alter the perception of the offer or event they're associated with. 'Free' tickets evoke excitement and accessibility, suggesting an opportunity not to be missed. 'More' tickets imply availability and choice, offering a chance to bring others along. Describing tickets with 'class' adds a touch of elegance or exclusivity, indicating a superior experience. 'Complimentary' tickets carry a sense of gratitude, making attendees feel valued. Mentioning a 'trip' ticket immediately transports the mind to potential adventures ahead, while 'few' tickets create a sense of urgency, highlighting limited availability. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives and the unique nuances they bring to 'tickets'.
freeI got free tickets to the concert.
moreI need more tickets for the concert.
classThe class tickets were distributed to the students.
complimentaryI received two complimentary tickets to the concert.
tripThe trip tickets were all sold out.
fewThere were few tickets left for the show.
singleI need two single tickets for the 7:00 pm show.
cheapThey were able to get cheap tickets for the show.
specialI'm afraid I don't have any special tickets right now.
extraUnfortunately, there are no extra tickets at the moment.
individualThe individual tickets are on sale now.
localThe local tickets were sold out quickly.
separateWe bought separate tickets for the train ride.
democraticThe democratic tickets usually consist of a presidential candidate and a vice presidential candidate.
dayThe day tickets are available at the counter.
electoralThe electoral college and its electoral tickets are a unique fixture in American politics.
enoughI have enough tickets for the concert.
expensiveThe price of the expensive tickets made us reconsider our plans.
roundWe booked round tickets to Paris for our summer vacation.
unsoldThe concert had many unsold tickets
redThe raffle had five red tickets in the drawing.
unpaidI have unpaid tickets that need to be taken care of.
internationalWe can book your international tickets online.
prepaidEnsure to book prepaid tickets to avoid any last-minute hassles during travel.
yellowThe yellow tickets were distributed to the guests at the entrance.
unusedI have some unused tickets to sell.
regularHe bought regular tickets for the whole family.
blueI have two blue tickets for the raffle.
republicanI'm going to vote for the republican tickets in the upcoming election.
winningThe lottery winners were ecstatic to discover they were holding the winning tickets
monthlyMonthly tickets are available for unlimited travel on all trains within a specific zone during a specified month.
printedThe printed tickets were delivered to the attendees in advance.
additionalI need to purchase additional tickets for the event.
weeklyThe commuter train offers weekly tickets for regular travelers.
pricedThe concert had priced tickets that ranged from $50 to $100.
ordinaryThe show was sold out, so we had to buy ordinary tickets
interlineThe interline tickets were booked through a travel agent.
dailyThe daily tickets for the concert were sold out within hours.
presidentialThe presidential tickets will be announced next week.
blankThe concert was sold out, but I managed to get my hands on a few blank tickets
cheapestThe cheapest tickets are available online.
greenThe passengers with green tickets can board the train now.
cheaperI was able to get cheaper tickets for the concert.
pinkShe handed me a pile of pink tickets
domesticBeing a frequent flyer, she prefers to book domestic tickets in advance.
independentThe passengers booked independent tickets for their separate journeys.
duplicateThe police officer issued duplicate tickets to the reckless driver.
mealThose meal tickets are not valid at this restaurant.
centI bought some cent tickets for the lottery.
counterfeitThe police arrested the man for selling counterfeit tickets
electronicI used the electronic tickets to board the flight.
outstandingI have two outstanding tickets for speeding.
fewerI have fewer tickets than you.
necessaryHe bought all the necessary tickets for the concert.
discountedI got discounted tickets to the concert.
whigThe politicians handed out whig tickets to their supporters.
circusThe circus tickets were expensive, but they were worth it.
balancedThe election results revealed that both parties had balanced tickets with an equal number of male and female candidates on each side.
coloredI sorted through the colored tickets in search of the golden ticket.
wayI need to buy two way tickets to Tokyo.
circularWe bought circular tickets to travel around the country.
advanceLet's book our advance tickets now before the price goes up.
priceThe price tickets were placed on the items.
bogusThe inspector confiscated the bogus tickets from the scalper.
jointJoint tickets were sold for the grand opening of the museum.

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