Adjectives for Ties

Adjectives For Ties

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ties, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of adjectives with the noun 'ties' reveals a rich tapestry of relationships and connections. The use of 'close' and 'strong' highlights the intensity and depth of connections, whether familial, friendly, or professional. Meanwhile, 'social' and 'economic' ties introduce the complex interplay between individuals and broader societal or financial systems. Personal and closer ties invite an introspection into one’s most intimate circles, emphasizing the emotional and psychological depths of our connections. The careful selection of adjectives can paint a vivid picture of the diverse relationships that shape our lives. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that describe the myriad of 'ties' we encounter every day below.
strongThe family had strong ties to the local community.
socialHe has strong social ties to the community.
economicThe two countries have established strong economic ties in recent years.
personalShe has deep personal ties to the community.
closerThe two countries are looking to establish closer ties
politicalThe candidate's political ties to the environmental lobby have been called into question.
emotionalThe emotional ties between family members are often unbreakable.
oldThe old ties that bound us no longer exist.
culturalWe've got strong cultural ties to the region.
diplomaticDiplomatic ties between the two countries were strained.
weakThe study found that weak ties were important for finding new job opportunities.
traditionalHer family has traditional ties to the region.
commercialThe company has extensive commercial ties with the Far East.
strongerBy developing stronger ties with local businesses, the community can benefit from increased economic activity.
ethnicThe city has a diverse population with many ethnic ties
historicalThe two countries have strong historical ties dating back centuries.
formalThe strict dress code required formal ties at the event.
directThe candidate had direct ties to a foreign government.
familyThe strong family ties made it hard for her to leave.
closestTheir closest ties were with the Slavic peoples.
religiousHe inherited a large sum of money from his great uncle, who had strong religious ties
domesticThe couple's strong domestic ties made it unlikely that either of them would be deported.
strongestThe family maintains the strongest ties throughout their lives.
bilateralThe two countries have been working to strengthen their bilateral ties in recent years.
friendlyWe have had friendly ties with the Smiths for many years.
crossThe train conductor walked between the cross ties to inspect the railroad tracks.
sacredThe sacred ties that bound us together were unbreakable.
affectiveThere are strong affective ties between the two countries.
financialAfter the bankruptcy, the company severed all financial ties with its former partners.
informalThe construction of informal ties between employers and employees is important.
maritalJohn broke the marital ties to his wife and children.
communalThese communal ties are still strong, and the people are closely knit.
earthlyBreaking free from his earthly ties he embarked on a journey of enlightenment.
interpersonalMaintaining strong interpersonal ties is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life.
extensiveHe had extensive ties to the local community.
affinalThe two families were connected more closely now by affinal ties
historicThe two countries share historic ties that date back centuries.
regionalThe company's regional ties and long-standing relationships with local businesses helped it to secure the contract.
organizationalHe had long-standing organizational ties to the U.S. Navy.
verticalThe metal vertical ties bore the weight of the roof.
horizontalThe horizontal ties of the railroad tracks gleamed in the sunlight.
extendedThe two countries have extended ties for centuries.
mutualOur mutual ties to the community have brought us together.
colonialThe country was able to maintain its colonial ties for a long time
institutionalI found it interesting that the researcher had institutional ties with the company being researched.
woodenHe had a collection of wooden ties
standingHe has close standing ties to the business community.
tribalThe tribal ties that bound them together were strong.
looseThe politician had loose ties to the lobbyists.
feudalThe feudal ties between the lord and his vassals were complex and often fraught with conflict.
transnationalThe transnational ties between the two countries have strengthened over the years.
worldlyThe businessman was able to sever his worldly ties and retire to a Buddhist monastery.
affectionalOur affectional ties to our homeland can sometimes outweigh our desire for wealth.
clientThe lawyer maintains close client ties
cohesiveThe cohesive ties that bind the group together are strong.
fewerThe man had fewer ties than the woman.
biologicalDespite their biological ties they grew up as strangers.

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