Adjectives for Times

Adjectives For Times

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing times, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe times can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, enriching the narrative with precise context. Whether referring to several times to denote frequency, or many times to emphasize quantity, each adjective frames the noun in a unique light. Similarly, talking about other times introduces alternatives, while different times suggest variety. The distinction between modern and ancient times further demonstrates the power of adjectives in conveying temporal nuances. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives aligned with 'times' to master the art of detailed and context-rich storytelling.
severalShe has met with him several times this month.
manyI have told you many times to be careful.
otherI helped my friend move last weekend, and other times I have helped her clean out her closet.
differentWe live in different times than our ancestors.
modernModern times require cutting-edge technology to stay competitive.
ancientThe customs of ancient times are very different from those of modern times.
fewI have seen her only a few times
recentIn recent times technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate.
variousShe has been to London various times
earlyIn early times I was a farm boy.
hardEven in hard times we must always remain hopeful.
formerIn former times people traveled by foot or horseback.
laterShe believed the findings would be valuable at later times
earlierHe yearns for the simpler life of earlier times
earliestStone tools have been crafted by humans since the earliest times
colonialDuring colonial times the British government enforced strict laws on the American colonies.
medievalIn medieval times the lord of the manor held sway over his fiefdom.
difficultThese are difficult times for everyone.
prehistoricIn prehistoric times people had to work together to survive.
badLife was a rollercoaster ride with many bad times
oldenIn olden times knights were known for their bravery and chivalry.
betterI believe that better times are coming.
pastHe enjoys talking about his past times
historicThese are historic times and we're all in this together.
numerousHe has been asked about it numerous times
longerThis process usually takes longer times to finish.
multipleShe has visited the museum multiple times
troubledIn troubled times we need to come together and support one another.
primitiveIn primitive times people relied on their basic instincts and skills to survive.
countlessI have refreshed this page countless times
classicalIn classical times people used to write on papyrus scrolls.
biblicalIn biblical times people lived much simpler lives.
halfI have a half times more time than you.
shorterThe shorter times yielded more consistent results.
happyWe cherish the happy times we shared together.
toughThese tough times will not last forever.
troublousThese are troublous times fraught with danger and uncertainty.
mediaevalThe knights of mediaeval times were brave and valiant.
feudalDuring feudal times serfs worked the land of their lord.
remoteIn those remote times news traveled slowly and by word of mouth.
oddThe odd times when he would visit his aunts were filled with awkward silences.
worthIt was worth times to see her smile.
prosperousThe kingdom enjoyed many prosperous times when the crops were plentiful.
turbulentNavigating through these turbulent times requires resilience and adaptability.
leadThe lead times for the new product are quite long.
quietI cherish the quiet times when I can relax and recharge.
happierI reminisce about our happier times
neolithicIn neolithic times people lived in small villages and relied on farming and hunting.
innumerableShe has told me that innumerable times
apostolicIn apostolic times the church was led by apostles appointed by Jesus Christ.
evilThe town had fallen into evil times with crime and poverty running rampant.
peakPeak times are the busiest times of the day.
vedicVedic times were a period of great intellectual and spiritual development in India.
elizabethanThe royal court in Elizabethan times was a place of lavish entertainment and political intrigue.
hellenisticHellenistic times were a period of great cultural and intellectual exchange.
mealI always skip my meal times

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