Adjectives for Today

Adjectives For Today

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing today, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'today' often comes alive with the addition of descriptive adjectives, each one adding its own layer of nuance and specificity. When we say 'available today,' it conveys immediacy and accessibility, making the temporal now both urgent and ripe with possibilities. 'Many today' implies a plurality that resonates with abundance or, perhaps, overwhelming choice. 'Immunol today' evokes a sense of scientific progress or health-related context, coloring the day with a tone of advancement or concern. Using 'alive today' celebrates the vibrancy and the very essence of being in the moment. And 'earlier today' anchors us in a very specific point of the not-so-distant past, giving depth and perspective. Each adjective opens up a unique facet of experiences and interpretations, guiding how we perceive the unfolding of our daily lives. Discover the full breadth of how 'today' can be described and felt through our comprehensive list below.
availableThe tickets are available today
immunolImmunol today is an excellent journal that publishes high-quality research on immunology.
aliveI am alive today and I am grateful for it.
earlierMy mom called me earlier today
moreI am doing more today than yesterday.
earlyI went for a run early today
historyHistory today is filled with countless stories of triumph and tragedy
commonMany things that were once considered novelties are common today
muchI did not do much today
dueThe assignment is due today
popularThis style of music is very popular today
trueThe statement is true today
lessI have less today
lateI will finish my work late today
familiarSome features of modern music are familiar today
prevalentThis is a sentence with the phrase prevalent today
relevantThe principles of the Declaration of Independence are more relevant today than ever.
worthThat old car is worth today less than half of what it cost new.
visibleThe sun is visible today
greaterThe amount of information available to us is greater today than ever before.
rightI need to finish this project right today
currentThe current today is strong.
dayI live my day today to the fullest.
japaneseI am learning Japanese today
activeI've been active today
equivalentMy latest car is equivalent today to what a Rolls Royce was in the 1920s.
hotThe weather is hot today
worseThe situation is worse today than it was yesterday.
openThis bakery is open today
extantThe fossils of many prehistoric species are still extant today
effective"Effective today, new rules will be in effect"
unknownThe mystery remains unknown today
validThis bus pass is valid today
christianChristian today is a Christian magazine that provides news and commentary on the Christian faith.
chineseI am learning chinese today
liveDon't let yesterday take up too much of today, live today
rareActual alpacas are rare today
difficultIt is difficult today
commonplaceThe internet is a commonplace today
evidentRecent rainfall is evident today
necessaryMaintaining a clean workspace is necessary today
famousThe author is famous today for his groundbreaking work in computer science.
applicableMany of the lessons learned at that time are still applicable today
easyIt's easy today
wrongSomething must be wrong today
characteristicThe characteristic today is hot and humid.
sickMy son woke up sick today
easierIt's easier today than it was yesterday.
understoodThe importance of education is well understood today
strongerYou are stronger today than you were yesterday.
widespreadThe use of social media platforms is widespread today

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