Adjectives for Toll

Adjectives For Toll

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing toll, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe the noun 'toll' can vividly convey the different dimensions of impact or cost it denotes. Whether it's 'heavy' to emphasize the weight of the burden, 'terrible' to highlight the extent of suffering, 'exact' to focus on precision, 'high' to indicate magnitude, or 'emotional' and 'human' to touch on the more personal aspects, each adjective sheds light on a unique facet of toll. The nuance in adjective choice paints a more detailed picture for readers, offering them a richer understanding of the toll’s nature and effects. Discover the full range of adjectives that can accompany 'toll' and expand your descriptive capabilities.
heavyThe war has taken a heavy toll on the nation.
terribleThe war took a terrible toll on the country.
exactThe exact toll is still under investigation.
highThe rising floods took a high toll on the city.
emotionalThe emotional toll of her injury was significant.
humanThe natural disasters took a heavy human toll
physicalThe physical toll of the marathon was evident in the runners' faces.
annualThe annual toll of this disease is estimated to be around 100,000 deaths.
enormousThe earthquake took an enormous toll on the city, destroying buildings and leaving thousands homeless.
greaterThe pandemic took a greater toll on the elderly population.
tremendousThe pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on the healthcare system.
psychologicalThe psychological toll of the pandemic has been profound.
finalThe final toll of the hurricane will not be known for days.
hugeThe devastating earthquake took a huge toll on the city's infrastructure.
severeThe deadly virus has taken a severe toll on the population.
greatestThe pandemic has taken its greatest toll on the elderly.
heavierThe pandemic took a heavier toll on the economy than anyone expected.
dailyThe daily toll on the bridge was heavy.
seriousHis injury took a serious toll on his career.
fearfulThe fearful toll of the pandemic reverberated through communities worldwide.
heaviestThe pandemic has taken its heaviest toll on the elderly and vulnerable.
officialThe official toll of the earthquake is 200 dead.
totalThe total toll of the earthquakes reached one thousand.
inevitableThe inevitable toll of time had left its mark on the old building.
devastatingThe war took a devastating toll on the country.
higherThis prolonged period of inclement weather has taken a higher toll on agricultural production.
frightfulThe accident took a frightful toll on the family.
highestThe hurricane caused the highest toll on the coastal town.
considerableThe disease has taken a considerable toll on the local population.
steadyThe steady toll of time was evident on the old man's face.
deadlyThe earthquake had a deadly toll on the city.
dreadfulThe conflict has taken a dreadful toll on the local population.
civilianThe civilian toll in the war was high.
terrificThe terrific toll of the pandemic has left many devastated.
significantThe war took a significant toll on the population.
tragicThe tragic toll of war was evident in the faces of the survivors.
appallingThe conflict has taken an appalling toll on the civilian population.
yearlyThe yearly toll on the environment is becoming increasingly evident.
grimThe war took a grim toll on the population.
awfulThe accident took an awful toll on the victims' families.
usualShe decided to take the scenic route to avoid the usual toll
psychicThe psychic toll of the experience was too much for her to bear.
staggeringThe staggering toll of the pandemic has left many families grieving.
largestThe deadliest day for civilians since the beginning of the offensive, which began last month, took the largest toll in Beita, where eight Palestinians were killed.
reasonableThe company has the right to charge a reasonable toll
cumulativeThe cumulative toll of the war had been devastating, leaving countless lives shattered.
solemnThe solemn toll of the bell echoed through the silent night.
optimalThe optimal toll rate is one that minimizes congestion.
substantialThe pandemic has taken a substantial toll on the global economy.
ghastlyThe war took a ghastly toll on the population.
doubleThe double toll of the bell echoed through the valley.
massiveThe massive toll of the pandemic on the economy has yet to be fully understood.
immenseThe natural disaster took an immense toll on the community.
bloodyThe bloody toll of war was evident on the battlefield.
overallWhile the overall toll of the latest disaster is unclear, experts predict that the economic damage will be substantial.
cruelThe war took a cruel toll on the civilian population.
horribleThe war took a horrible toll on the country.
excessiveThe excessive toll on the environment caused by human activities has become a major concern.
exactingThe exacting toll of the war had left many families devastated.
customaryThese members can be charged customary tolls if the roads are privatized.

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