Adjectives for Top

Adjectives For Top

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing top, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a top can significantly alter its perception. A very top suggests emphasis on its quality or position, whereas a gilt top adds a luxurious or refined touch. Describing a top as flat focuses on its surface or lack of hierarchy, contrasting with white or black tops that might hint at simplicity, elegance, purity, or the absence of color. An open top, on the other hand, invites thoughts of accessibility or vulnerability. Each adjective unlocks a unique facet of the noun, painting a vivid picture for the reader. For a deeper dive into the diverse world of adjectives paired with 'top', explore the full list below.
veryHe secured first place and stood at the very top
giltThe gilt top of the picture frame gleamed in the sunlight.
flatThe flat top of the mountain provided a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.
whiteA white top exposes the skin below.
openI love the open top on my new sports car.
redThe performer wore a red top and black pants.
bigThe circus performers gathered under the big top
roundedThe rounded top of the hill made it difficult to see over.
roundThe round top of the mountain was covered in snow.
entireShe piled the entire top of the pizza with extra pepperoni.
greenThe plastic bottle had a green top
blueThe blue top matches her skirt perfectly.
shapedThe candle had a uniquely shaped top
woodenThe child spun the wooden top until it fell over.
convertibleThe convertible top was down, letting the sunshine in.
extremeThe extreme top of Mount Everest is marked by a small, snowy peak.
pointedThe mountain had a pointed top
broadMy phone has a broad top
symmetricThe symmetric top was spinning rapidly.
curvedThe curved top of the staircase was beautifully intricate.
smoothThe granite countertop had a smooth top
doubleThe mountain has a double top
extraI added an extra top on my pizza.
pinkI put on my pink top and headed out to the party.
yellowThe yellow top stood out amongst the other neutral colors.
circularI put the trinkets on the circular top of the table.
archedThe building had an arched top that reached towards the sky.
conicalThe conical top of the mountain was shrouded in clouds.
sleevelessShe wore a sleeveless top and denim shorts.
curlyThe curly top ran through the park.
likeI like top students.
narrowThe vase has a narrow top
brownThe wizard wore a brown top hat.
plasticI bought a new desk with a plastic top
domedA domed top distinguished the gold ring from the others.
softThe convertible's soft top was down, allowing the occupants to enjoy the summer breeze.
polishedThe table had a smooth, polished top and sleek edges.
hingedThe box has a hinged top that can be easily opened with one hand.
removableThe convertible's removable top allowed us to enjoy the beautiful weather.
hotHe sat on the hot top and suffered a burn.
solidThe desk has a solid top made of oak.
bareThe man walked up to the bare top of the hill.
baldHe hated the way the wind played with the hair on his bald top
horizontalThe horizontal top of the table was smooth and polished.
fittingShe was wearing a fitting top that accentuated her figure.
knitShe wore a warm knit top and a comfortable pair of jeans.
looseShe was wearing a loose top that revealed her shoulders.
coveredThe box had a covered top
aboveThe highest point of the structure was above top
thinI saw a woman with a thin top and long skirt.
thickThe tree has a thick top and provides good shade.
brokenThe broken top of the vase was sharp and dangerous.
asymmetricThe asymmetric top has three unequal moments of inertia.
symmetricalThe symmetrical top rotated quickly on the flat surface.
straightThe garden bed has a straight top
stripedShe wore a striped top and jeans to the party.
loftyThe lofty top of the mountain was covered in snow.
rectangularHe cut the rectangular top of the cherry pie into eight equal-sized slices.
purpleThe purple top spun rapidly, creating a vibrant blur.
brushShe smoothed her dress down with a brush top
rimThe rim top was dotted with small trees.
grayThe gray top matched her skirt perfectly.

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