Adjectives for Topic

Adjectives For Topic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing topic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'topic' can subtly alter its meaning, bringing nuance and clarity to your communication. An 'important topic' suggests something of significant value or urgency, while a 'specific topic' narrows down the subject to a particular area of interest. The 'general topic', on the other hand, broadens the scope, inviting a wider discussion. Whether you're looking to highlight the 'main topic' of conversation or explore a 'particular topic' in depth, the adjectives you choose can guide your reader's understanding and engagement. Explore the full list of adjectives below to enhance your descriptions and enrich your discussions.
importantIt was an important topic that needed to be discussed.
sameWe discussed the same topic in our last meeting.
particularStudents may also select a particular topic for a research project.
mainThe main topic of the discussion is the impact of artificial intelligence on society.
generalThis is an example of a general topic sentence.
specificI am interested in learning more about a specific topic
majorThe major topic of the discussion was the future of artificial intelligence.
nextNext topic the importance of proper nutrition.
hotThe hot topic of the day was the new COVID variant.
singleThe single topic course was very informative.
interestingThis is an interesting topic
favoriteMy favorite topic is the history of ancient Egypt.
controversialAbortion is a controversial topic that has been debated for centuries.
centralThe central topic of this meeting will be the development of a new website.
commonHer common topic of conversation was her dog.
complexThis complex topic calls for a multifaceted approach.
favouriteMy favourite topic is history because it allows me to learn about the past and how it has shaped the present.
popularThe popular topic of climate change has been widely debated in recent years.
chiefThe chief topic of our discourse will be the philosophy of natural law.
presentPlease repeat your concern about the present topic again.
specialUnderstanding the special topic of astrophysics provided me with a new perspective on the universe.
relatedI am writing a report on a related topic about the history of jazz music.
currentIn today's current topic we will discuss the importance of renewable energy.
principalThe principal topic of the meeting was the company's financial performance.
broadThis broad topic encompasses various aspects and perspectives.
difficultDiscussing the nuclear deal was a difficult topic
finalThe final topic of discussion was the budget.
frequentThe frequent topic of our conversations is the latest news.
sensitiveDiscussing this sensitive topic requires caution and respect for diverse perspectives
thirdThis is a sentence about a third topic
fascinatingQuantum computing is a fascinating topic that can potentially revolutionize various industries.
latterIt is a subject in which the latter topic is of particular interest to me.
separateWe should separate topic and ask different questions
soleSuch a meeting was the sole topic of the day.
appropriateThe appropriate topic for this meeting is the upcoming budget.
absorbingThe absorbing topic prompted a lively discussion.
constantThe constant topic of the meeting was the company's financial performance.
tabooTalking about death is a taboo topic in many cultures.
familiarI was talking about the familiar topic with my friend.
relevantThe article provided a relevant topic for my research.
subThe main topic can be divided into several sub topics, each dealing with a different aspect of the overarching theme.
vastThe vast topic of space exploration requires a multidisciplinary approach.
keyThe key topic of the meeting was the company's financial performance.
suitableThey discussed various suitable topics during their meeting.
delicateIt is a delicate topic that requires careful discussion.
prominentThe role of artificial intelligence was a prominent topic at the conference.
excitingThis is an exciting topic
leadingThe leading topic of the meeting was the company's financial performance.
conceivableThe speech focused on a conceivable topic that everyone could relate to.
broader"Utility" is a broader topic than "knife."
advancedI'm doing research on an advanced topic in machine learning.
vitalAddressing climate change is a vital topic for our generation.
safeLet's talk about the weather, a safe topic
fruitfulLet's explore this fruitful topic further during our next meeting.
dangerousThe article covered a lot of dangerous topics.
timelyThe timely topic of climate change is being discussed in the news.
complicatedHe spent years teaching himself advanced mathematics and physics and became an expert on complicated topics.
neglectedIt was a neglected topic in the research.
crucialThe environment is a crucial topic that we cannot ignore.
engrossingThe keynote speaker presented an engrossing topic on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.
legitimateThe annual conference featured several legitimate topics for discussion.
conversationalWhat is your favorite conversational topic?
livelyThe lively topic of the discussion was the controversial new law.
debatedThe ethics of genetic engineering is a hotly debated topic
specializedThe specialized topic was too difficult for me to understand.
painfulI approached the painful topic with extreme caution.

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