Adjectives for Total

Adjectives For Total

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing total, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'total' can dramatically shift the focus and impact of a sentence. A 'grand total' evokes a sense of awe and completion, while a 'national total' zooms out to a wider, societal level. An 'annual total' narrows our perspective to a yearly timeframe, contrasting with the 'cumulative total,' which lays emphasis on an ongoing tally. Using 'highest total' introduces a competitive edge, striving for records, whereas 'final total' signals a conclusive end. Each adjective thus fine-tunes our understanding and expectation of the total in question. Discover the full spectrum of nuances these and other adjectives bring to 'total' in our comprehensive list below.
grandThe grand total of my purchases came to $100.
nationalWe are not able to release the national total figures at this time.
annualThe annual total sales reached an all-time high this year.
cumulativeThe cumulative total of sales for the year was $100,000.
highestThe candidate with the highest total votes will win the election.
finalThe final total came to $100.
overallThe overall total of the order came to fifty dollars.
averageThe average total cost of the project was $100,000.
subThe sub total of the invoice is $100.
netThe net total of the transactions was 100 dollars.
actualThe actual total cost is $70.
dailyThe daily total was over 2,000,000 views.
possibleA possible total of 900 people were in attendance on the first day of the celebration.
globalThe global total of plastic pollution is increasing at an alarming rate.
presentThe present total is 100.
grossThe gross total of the financial report was in millions of dollars.
yearlyThe yearly total revenue has increased by 20%.
largerThe larger total population includes immigrants and native-born Americans.
monthlyThe monthly total of sales was $10,000.
enormousThe statistics published today stated the number of page views received were an enormous total
staggeringThe lottery winner was in disbelief when she saw the staggering total of her winnings.
higherThe company reported higher total revenues in the third quarter.
currentThe current total number of customers is 1,234.
lowestThe store with the lowest total was thirty two thousand.
yearThe year total is 100.
impressiveThe company has an impressive total of 100 employees.
maximumThe maximum total is 100.
largestThe largest total number of deaths recorded in a single day was over 150,000.
originalThe original total was 100.
aggregateThe aggregate total of his earnings was $10,000.
sumThe sum total of our knowledge is a drop in the ocean of the unknown.
correctThe correct total is $100.
previousThe previous total was 100.
aboveThe total cost of the project was much above total than expected.
meanThe mean total is 100.
minimumThe minimum total cost of the project is $100,000.
smallerThe smaller total reflects the decline of the company's core business.
weeklyThe weekly total for sales was over 1000 units.
correspondingThe corresponding total for the month of May is $ 12,000.
hugeThe huge total number of people who attended the concert was more than the promoter expected.
exactThe exact total amount of money that was donated is $100,000.
official"Official total: 20"
regionalThe regional total is 1,234,567.
lessThe upgrade to a better version will cost less total
nearThe near total collapse of the company occurred after years of mismanagement.
astonishingThe company reported an astonishing total revenue of $10 billion last year.
latterDespite being initially more expensive, the latter total cost was less.
variableThe variable total cost of production is equal to the sum of the fixed cost and the variable cost.
respectableThe company reported a respectable total revenue of $10 million for the quarter.
amazingThe amazing total of points is impressive.
partialThe partial total of the company's quarterly earnings was higher than expected.
worldwideThe worldwide total of active cases is over 18 million.
weightedThe weighted total of all the marbles was 25 pounds.
probableThe police gave a probable total of drivers tested at roadblocks during the 12-hour operation.
numericalThe numerical total of the casualties was over 200.
eventualPolitical instability often leads to the eventual total collapse of a society's infrastructure.
absoluteThe absolute total came to one hundred dollars.
formidableThe accumulated count stood as a formidable total
smallestThe car with the smallest total engine size was the most fuel-efficient.
modestHe lived in a modest cottage with a modest total of only two rooms.
dayThe day total was 100.

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