Adjectives for Tour

Adjectives For Tour

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing tour, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a tour can significantly affect the perception of your experience. A first tour implies novelty and discovery, sparking curiosity. A grand tour suggests luxury and expansiveness, appealing to those seeking more than the average journey. Mentioning a European or American tour instantly paints a picture of cultural exploration and diversity. A second tour carries a sense of deepening understanding, hinting at insights gained from prior visits. Lastly, a long tour promises adventure and endurance, perfect for the wanderlust-driven soul. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives below to perfectly capture the essence of your tour experience.
firstThe band is going on their first tour next month.
grandThe grand tour of Europe was a popular way for wealthy young men to complete their education in the 18th and 19th centuries.
europeanThe band embarked on a European tour in support of their new album.
americanThe band announced their American tour dates.
secondThe soldier is on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.
longMy best friend went on a long tour with his art collection.
shortI took a short tour of the city.
extensiveThe band embarked on an extensive tour of the country.
dayWe offer a variety of day tours to suit your interests and budget.
lastWe went on our last tour of the city before leaving.
briefWe had a brief tour of the city before leaving.
extendedThe tour was an extended tour of the historic city.
quickLet's take a quick tour of the museum.
guidedThe guided tour of the museum was both informative and entertaining.
monthI'm going on a month tour of Europe next summer.
successfulThe band completed a successful tour of the United States.
week"Goo Goo Dolls" started a 2005 summer week tour
yearThe year tour was a great success.
national"This summer, the band will embark on a 20-city national tour."
foreignMy foreign tour to Egypt was a great success.
recentMy recent tour of the countryside was absolutely breathtaking.
hourThe group waited for the one hour tour to begin.
southernI'm planning a southern tour this summer to visit the beautiful beaches and historic cities.
westernThe band is going on a western tour next month.
triumphalThe triumphal tour drew vast crowds, cheering and waving flags along the route.
thirdAfter his third tour of duty, the soldier decided to retire.}
continentalWe took a continental tour of the best sights in Europe.
annualThe band announced their annual tour dates.
northernWe are going on a northern tour of Scotland.
completeWe were given a complete tour of the facilities.
officialThe official tour of the White House was very informative.
virtualI took a virtual tour of the museum.
provincialThe band is going on a provincial tour next month.
italianI'm going to visit Italy, I booked an Italian tour to see the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.
entireI'm excited to announce my entire tour
triumphantThe band embarked on a triumphant tour of Europe and North America
southWe took a south tour of the island and saw many beautiful sights.
professionalI enjoyed my professional tour
australianThe Australian tour of the band was a huge success with sold-out shows in every city.
pedestrianThe pedestrian tour wound its way through the historic district.
minuteOur next stop on the minute tour is the south quad.
nationwideThe band embarked on a nationwide tour to promote their latest album.
overseasThe band went on an overseas tour to promote their new album
mileWe took a 3-mile tour of the city.
royalThe royal tour of the newlyweds was met with great enthusiasm by the public.
usualThe usual tour was canceled today due to weather.
circularThey embarked on a circular tour of the historic sites.
promotionalThe band embarked on a two-month promotional tour of their new album.
famousWe booked a famous tour to the Vatican.
interestingI had an interesting tour of the city.
seeingThe tour group embarked on a seeing tour of the ancient ruins.
cityI would like to go on a city tour to learn more about the history.
educationalStudents embarked on an educational tour of the museum, fascinated by the exhibits and learning a great deal about history.
worldThe band embarked on a world tour to promote their new album.
lengthyHe complained about the lengthy tour of the museum.
prolongedThe band announced a prolonged tour around the country.
rapidWe took a rapid tour of the city's main landmarks.
walkingI enjoyed the walking tour of the city's historic landmarks.
africanI am planning an African tour next year.
findingWe went on a guided finding tour of the rain forest.
subsequentThe band's subsequent tour was a huge success.
stopDue to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that the scheduled stop tour has been canceled.
scottishOur scottish tour was breathtaking.
pleasantWe went on a pleasant tour of the city.
remarkableWe had a remarkable tour of the ancient city.
proThe pro tour was a great success.
optimalChoosing the optimal tour route will help you efficiently explore a region's top attractions.
leisurelyThe couple took a leisurely tour of the park.

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