Adjectives for Track

Adjectives For Track

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing track, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'track' can significantly alter the nuance of what you're expressing. A 'right track' suggests being on a correct path, filled with promise and direction, while a 'wrong track' signals a deviation from what's considered proper or successful. The 'fast track', often used in both literal and metaphorical senses, implies rapid progress or advancement. Meanwhile, 'single track' evokes imagery of a focused, narrow path, often used in the context of roads or music, and a 'sound track' transcends its literal meaning to encapsulate the essence of an auditory experience in movies, games, or environments. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'track' to discover the perfect shade of meaning for your narrative.
rightThe plan was on the right track to save the world.
soundThe sound track of the movie was amazing.
singleThe train ran on a single track through the countryside.
mainWe spent our vacation on the main track of the railway.
wrongIt's clear that the country is going down the wrong track
fastThe project has been put on the fast track to completion.
narrowThe narrow track led through the dense forest.
doubleThe train was running on a double track
insideShe was first on the inside track of the upcoming election.
roughAfter a grueling journey on the rough track I finally reached my destination.
audioI added a new audio track to the video.
straightThe passenger train was running on a straight track
circularThe cyclists sped around the circular track
mileThe runner completed the mile track in record time.
broadThe tractor left a broad track in the field.
wideThe car's wide track provides excellent stability and handling.
offMy plans went off track when I got sick.
halfThe half track was making its way through the mud.
steepThe steep track led to the top of the mountain.
closeI need to keep a close track of my finances this month.
separateThe separate track leads to a remote village.
clearThe train was given a clear track to depart.
beatenWe decided to venture off the beaten track and explore the less-visited parts of the island.
parallelThe two trains ran on parallel tracks.
sandyWe followed the sandy track to the beach.
freshThe fresh track in the snow led to the deer's hiding spot.
muddyThe muddy track was difficult to navigate after the heavy rain.
ruttedThe wagon followed a rutted track through the dense forest.
curvedThe train followed the curved track around the mountain.
dustyThe dusty track led to a small village hidden among the hills.
indoorI used to run indoor track when I was in high school.
twoThe train was running on a two track line.
ovalThe race cars sped around the oval track at high speeds.
regularThe train was running on the regular track
mereThe mere track of a deer led the hunter to the clearing.
academicThe academic track at this university is rigorous and challenging.
usualHer third album broke away from her usual track of commercial pop music.
faintI could see the faint track of the animal on the ground.
dualThe team pursued a dual track strategy, developing the technology internally while simultaneously negotiating with potential partners.
opticalThe CD player uses an optical track to read data.
grassyThe grassy track meandered through the meadow, leading to a secluded grove.
footThe foot track was long and winding.
smoothThe train sped along the smooth track
backThe hikers decided to back track due to the approaching storm.
horizontalThe race car sped along the horizontal track its tires screeching against the asphalt.
continuousThe continuous track provides excellent traction in all terrains.
overheadThe overhead track was used to transport materials around the factory.
muleThe mule track led us through the rugged terrain.
keptHe kept track of his time by using a calendar and setting reminders.
multiWe need a multi track that supports three or more channels.
evolutionaryThe species followed an evolutionary track distinct from that of its close relatives.
fistulousThe doctor discovered a fistulous track connecting the abscess to the skin.
vocalThe vocal track on the album is raw and powerful.
wornThe worn track led up the steep hill.
magneticThe train glides along the magnetic track propelled by an unseen force.
slowThe slow track to success is the surest one.
temporaryThe application will be unavailable for a short period of time while the temporary track is being built.
spiralThe rollercoaster had a spiral track that made riders feel dizzy.
elevatedThe train sped along the elevated track its windows flashing by in a blur.

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