Adjectives for Tracker

Adjectives For Tracker

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing tracker, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Utilizing the right adjective with the noun 'tracker' can immensely alter the tone and implications of your sentence. A 'good tracker' suggests competence, while the 'best tracker' implies unrivaled skill in tracking. A 'black tracker' might evoke a specialized, possibly clandestine operation. 'Optical tracker' introduces a technological aspect, highlighting precision and innovation. An 'expert tracker' emphasizes profound knowledge and skill, whereas an 'experienced tracker' refers to someone honed through extensive practice. Each adjective brings a unique shade of meaning to 'tracker,' shaping perception and expectation. Discover the full breadth of adjectives that can accompany 'tracker' and the nuanced worlds they unlock below.
goodThe good tracker followed the footprints in the snow.
bestThis is the best tracker for your fitness statistics.
blackThe black tracker followed the trail with ease.
opticalThe optical tracker accurately captured the subject's movements during the experiment.
expertThe skilled hunter was an expert tracker and could follow the faintest scent for miles.
experiencedThe experienced tracker followed the faint trail through the dense forest.
nativeThe experienced native tracker found the lost child in the dense jungle.
oldMy grandpa, the old tracker could find his way through the forest blindfolded.
indianThe indian tracker followed the faint horse trail for miles.
aboriginalThe aboriginal tracker followed the dingo's tracks through the dense undergrowth.
fastShe is a fast tracker in the company, finishing all the projects in record time
excellentThe detective is an excellent tracker who always finds his suspects.
basedThe investigator sighed, frustrated with the complexity of the case and the lack of a based tracker
skilledThe skilled tracker followed the faint footprints through the dense undergrowth.
magneticThe magnetic tracker is used to track the movement of an object.
betterMy new fitness tracker is a better tracker than my old one.
automaticThe automatic tracker recorded the vehicle's location every minute.
visualThe visual tracker continuously updated the target's location.
infraredThe infrared tracker allowed the scientists to monitor the movement of the animal in the dark.
timeI use a time tracker to monitor my productivity and stay on task.
sunThe sun tracker rotates to keep the solar panel directed at the sun.
axisThe solar panels are mounted on an axis tracker which allows them to follow the sun throughout the day, maximizing their energy output.
skilfulThe skilful tracker deftly followed the trail, leading them straight to their quarry.
fineThe fine tracker is an optical component that follows targets mounted on the ICRF using a white light interferometer
maximumThe maximum tracker has been set for this project.
solarThe solar tracker rotates the solar panels to maximize sunlight exposure.
centralThe central tracker is a key component of the SQL database.
starThe star tracker was used to orient the spacecraft.
adaptiveThe researchers developed an adaptive tracker that could automatically adjust its parameters to the changing environment.
basicThe basic tracker has collected some important data.
electronicThe electronic tracker allowed them to follow the animal's every move.
professionalThe seasoned professional tracker could follow even the most subtle trails.
dimensionalThe dimensional tracker was used to locate the missing artifact.
simpleShe has a simple tracker on her computer that tracks her activity.
inertialThe inertial tracker measures the angular velocity and linear acceleration of a moving object.
electromagneticThe electromagnetic tracker accurately measures the position of the device in three-dimensional space.
activeThe GPS device uses an active tracker to accurately pinpoint the current location.
innerThe inner tracker detects the trajectory of charged particles.
chiefThe chief tracker led the group through the dense jungle.
laneThe lane tracker is a safety feature that helps keep the vehicle in its lane.
mechanicalThe mechanical tracker followed the faint signal
hybridThe company uses a hybrid tracker to monitor employee performance and provide feedback.
separateEach user will have a separate tracker
famousThe famous tracker followed the footprints through the forest.
eyeThe eye tracker recorded the participant's gaze throughout the experiment.
trainedThe trained tracker followed the deer through the dense forest.
nimbleThe nimble tracker followed the faint trail through the dense undergrowth
robustThe robust tracker can alert you when a person enters your home.
accurateThe device uses an accurate tracker to monitor your activity.
africanThe African tracker followed the footprints of the antelope.
typicalThe typical tracker was a farmer's son.
multipleThe multiple tracker detected the target's movements accurately.
digitalThe digital tracker was used to monitor the progress of the project.
leadingThe leading tracker in the race was a young man named John.
patientThe patient tracker helped the hospital staff monitor the progress of their patients.
superbThe superb tracker followed the deer's hoof prints.
skillfulThe skillful tracker followed the faint trail through the dense undergrowth.
fuzzyThe fuzzy tracker followed the footprints through the snowy forest.
relentlessThe relentless tracker pursued its target with unwavering determination.
fairThe fair tracker was able to follow the animal's movements.
ibanI used the iban tracker to find the bank account details for my recent payment.
cleverThe clever tracker pursued the elusive quarry through the dense undergrowth.
unversedThe unversed tracker followed the footprints carefully.
acousticThe scientists attached an acoustic tracker to the shark to follow its movements.
onlineI've decided to start using an online tracker to keep myself on task
shuttleI used the shuttle tracker to find the next bus.
mightyThe mighty tracker followed the faintest of scents.
wonderfulThe wonderful tracker tracks the time you spend on your computer.
australianThe Australian tracker followed the dingo's footprints through the dense eucalyptus forest.
scene"If I had a nickel for every time I saw a scene tracker I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice."
seasonedThe seasoned tracker followed the faint trail through the dense forest.
betaThe beta tracker is a useful tool for tracking the performance of a stock.
classI used the class tracker to monitor my students' progress.
cornealThe corneal tracker follows the movements of the patient's eye.
remoteThe hiker used a remote tracker to keep tabs on his progress.
targetThe system can use a target tracker to observe adversarial activities conveyed by the user.

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