Adjectives for Trade

Adjectives For Trade

Discover the most common adjectives for trade, such as foreign, free, international, and retail. Each adjective is highlighted through illustrative sentences, offering insight into their application in various contexts. Our guide is essential for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of trade-related terminology.

foreignThe foreign trade deficit increased by 10% last year.
freeFree trade is the exchange of goods and services without government-imposed trade barriers.
internationalInternational trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries.
retailThe retail trade sector has not fully recovered from the economic downturn.
americanAmerican trade is heavily influenced by the country's strong economic and political relationships with other nations.
britishBritish trade increased at a relatively faster pace over the past five years.
totalThis economic environment presented opportunities for the growth of total trade and international technology transfer.
indianIndian trade has a long and rich history.
internalInternal trade refers to the exchange of goods and services within a country's borders.
wholesaleWe went to a wholesale trade show last week.
externalThe country has a strong external trade sector.
africanThe global cotton industry was built on African trade
overseasThe merchant ship sailed across the ocean for overseas trade
domesticDomestic trade encompasses all commercial transactions that take place within the borders of a single country.
considerableCompanies involved in considerable trade with the southeast- of mainland UK should prepare for disruption.
privateThe private trade flourished during the Roman Empire.
englishEnglish trade with the East Indies had been growing rapidly since the early seventeenth century.
europeanEuropean trade flourished during the Renaissance.
colonialColonial trade led to the exchange of goods and ideas between different cultures.
regionalRegional trade is significant for regional economic integration.
extensiveThe extensive trade brought spices and silk to the West.
globalGlobal trade has increased significantly in recent years.
westThe west trade winds blew steadily, carrying the ship towards the islands.
directOur coffee beans are sourced through direct trade ensuring fair compensation for the farmers.
profitableThe company's profitable trade has boosted its revenue.
lucrativeThe company had a lucrative trade in spices.
maritimeMaritime trade has been important for many countries throughout history.
bilateralThe European Union and China have agreed to increase bilateral trade
fairThe fair trade movement promotes ethical practices and fair wages in the global market.
illegalIllegal trade threatens the health of our local communities and the global economy.
illicitThe illicit trade of drugs and weapons is a major problem for many countries.
freerFreer trade can lead to economic growth and increased prosperity.
agriculturalThe agricultural trade is a major part of the global economy.
contrabandPolice cracked down on the contraband trade on the border.
coastal"Coastal trade" includes transportation of goods by water within a single political jurisdiction.
distanceDistance trade is the exchange of goods and services between distant places.
briskThe fruit stall did a brisk trade on the sunny afternoon.
germanGerman trade has rebounded, thanks to the pickup in the global economy.
flourishingShips sailed across the sea, flourishing trade between distant lands.
sovietThe Soviet trade deficit with the West grew rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s.
japaneseJapanese trade with China has been growing rapidly in recent years.
chineseThe Chinese trade surplus narrowed to $49.44 billion in December 2022.
regularThe regular trade between the two countries has been suspended.
thrivingThe thriving trade between the two countries has boosted their economies.
interstateThe federal government regulates interstate trade
legitimateLegitimate trade involves the exchange of goods and services in accordance with established laws and regulations.
dutchDutch trade flourished in the 17th century.
easternThe merchants were heavily invested in the eastern trade
southWarm air, rising near the equator, flows south along the earth's surface in the south trade winds.
furThe fur trade was a major industry in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries.
asianThe Asian trade deficit has been increasing in recent years.
neutralThe agreement will ensure that neutral trade with the country continues.
transatlanticTransatlantic trade boomed during the 19th century.
spanishThe Spanish trade with the Americas brought new foods to Europe.
interregionalThe interregional trade of goods and services is a major driver of economic growth.
intraregionalIntraregional trade is a type of international trade that occurs between countries within the same region.
multilateralThe multilateral trade agreement is expected to boost economic growth in the region.
borderThe border trade between China and Vietnam has increased significantly in recent years.
eastThe east trade provided a favorable wind for the sailors.
seaborneThe seaborne trade between the two countries has flourished in recent years.
pettyThe petty trade was a major source of income for the villagers.
irishThe Irish trade deficit widened in May to its highest level in over a year.
wayThe way trade is changing is in the way goods are being transported.
portuguesePortuguese trade thrived in the 16th and 17th centuries.
balticBaltic trade is the historical trade of goods around the Baltic Sea.
mutualThe mutual trade between the two countries has been growing steadily over the years.
reciprocalThe reciprocal trade agreement between the two countries allowed for a significant increase in the volume of goods exchanged.
livelyThe lively trade between the two countries has benefited both economies.

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