Adjectives for Traffic

Adjectives For Traffic

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing traffic, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The adjective used before the noun 'traffic' can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, adding depth and clarity to the context. Describing traffic as 'heavy' immediately evokes images of congested roads, where movement is slow and laborious. 'Vehicular' traffic, on the other hand, emphasizes the mechanical nature of the congestion, possibly excluding pedestrian flow. Words like 'much' and 'little' offer a quantitative measure, giving readers a rough estimate of the traffic volume. Meanwhile, 'local' and 'international' traffic distinctions can highlight the scope of movement, whether it’s within a small area or across borders. Each adjective opens a new avenue of interpretation, enriching the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that pair with 'traffic' to capture its various nuances.
heavyThe heavy traffic on the freeway caused a significant delay in my commute.
vehicularThe vehicular traffic in the city was very heavy during rush hour.
muchThere was much traffic on the highway during rush hour.
littleThere was little traffic on the road.
localThe local traffic was terrible this morning.
internationalBusiness travel and international traffic plunged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
wayThe way traffic is flowing is confusing.
moreThe highway had more traffic than usual during rush hour.
pedestrianPedestrian traffic was heavy near the school during rush hour.
commercialI was stuck in commercial traffic on the highway for over an hour.
totalThe total traffic on the highway was at a standstill.
illicitLaw enforcement is cracking down on illicit traffic in the area.
hourThe hour traffic was terrible.
considerableThe road has considerable traffic during rush hour.
illegalThe city has been plagued by illegal traffic for decades.
lightThere was light traffic on the highway this morning.
normalI expect normal traffic tomorrow morning.
wheeledThe construction site had a ban on wheeled traffic
interstateThe interstate traffic was at a standstill due to a major accident.
regularThe regular traffic on the highway made the commute a breeze.
militaryThe military traffic caused a long delay on the highway.
busyThe streets are a mess with all of the busy traffic
lessThere was less traffic on the road today.
additionalThe additional traffic made the commute home even longer.
ordinaryThere was ordinary traffic on the streets today.
maritimeThe increase in maritime traffic has put a strain on the local ecology.
dailyThe daily traffic on the 101 Freeway is always bumper-to-bumper.
domesticDomestic traffic has rebounded strongly despite ongoing concerns about the new Omicron variant of Covid-19.
constantI could hear constant traffic all through the night.
internalInternal traffic is solely limited by the bandwidth of the physical links.
distanceThe distance traffic was heavy due to the weekend getaway.
coastalThe coastal traffic is expected to increase during the summer months.
multicastUsers would like to multicast traffic to a set of hosts in a specific multicast group.
averageThe morning commute was slowed by average traffic
outboundThe firewall will block all outbound traffic from this port.
urbanI hate driving in urban traffic
oncomingThe oncoming traffic made it difficult to turn left.
congestedThe city center was experiencing seriously congested traffic due to a major accident.
suburbanThe suburban traffic was heavy during rush hour.
competitiveThere was a lot of competitive traffic between the top companies.
borneThe highway borne traffic to the city during the morning rush hour.
civilianCivilian traffic congested the rural roads.
outgoingThe firewall blocks outgoing traffic from the untrusted network.
timeThe road was congested with time traffic during rush hour.
denseThe dense traffic caused me to be late for my appointment.
enoughThe street had enough traffic to make us reconsider our route.
incomingThe road is closed due to incoming traffic
heaviestThe heaviest traffic is expected during the evening rush hour.
extensiveI'm stuck in extensive traffic on the highway right now.
profitableThe partnership generated a surge of profitable traffic for the business.
infamousI'm late again due to infamous traffic
nefariousThe nefarious traffic was stopped by the police.
boundThe bound traffic caused a massive delay on the highway.
lucrativeThe online casino was shut down for engaging in lucrative traffic
burstyThe website experienced a surge of bursty traffic leading to a temporary slowdown.
inboundThe inbound traffic has increased significantly in the last quarter.
heavierThe commute is longer during rush hour because of the heavier traffic
wirelessThe wireless traffic was heavy during the conference.
enormousThe city was paralyzed by the enormous traffic
extraThe extra traffic caused long delays on the highway.
movingThe car sped through the moving traffic
contrabandThe police seized a large amount of contraband traffic at the border.
narcoticsThe narcotics traffic has been a major problem for many years.
throughThe city is experiencing heavy through traffic due to the construction on the main highway.
intrastateThe intrastate traffic was very heavy during the holiday season.
unnecessaryThe highway was jammed with unnecessary traffic

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