Adjectives for Transfer

Adjectives For Transfer

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing transfer, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a transfer can shift its meaning significantly, highlighting various aspects of the process or result. A heat transfer implies a shift of warmth, possibly in an engineering or natural context, while a mass transfer discusses movement of substances, vital in fields like chemistry or physics. Terms like direct and passive transfer paint pictures of either straightforward processes or those requiring no external energy, respectively. Employing net suggests a focus on the outcome, and mediated transfer introduces an intermediary. Each adjective opens a unique window into the type of transfer being discussed, framing the conversation in subtly different ways. Explore our full list to discover how each adjective reshapes your understanding of transfer.
heatThe heat transfer rate is proportional to the temperature difference.
massMass transfer is the movement of mass from one location to another.
directThe data can be transferred directly using direct transfer instead of using other storage media.
netThere was a net transfer of funds from the old account to the new one.
passiveThe passive transfer of funds was completed successfully.
mediatedThe mediated transfer of knowledge ensures that students can apply their learning in new contexts.
radiativeThe radiative transfer equation describes the transport of radiation through a medium.
placentalThe study team's goal is to develop an automated method of detecting placental transfer of malaria using ultrasound.
freeI need to do a free transfer of funds from my account.
actualThe actual transfer was completed last week.
electronicI made an electronic transfer of $100 to my friend.
efficientThanks to the efficient transfer of funds, the project was able to proceed without delay.
positiveDue to positive transfer he learnt French more easily after learning Spanish.
convectiveConvective transfer is the transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid.
rapidThe rapid transfer of information between computers is essential for modern communication.
horizontalHorizontal transfer of genes has been observed between bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes.
successfulThanks to the successful transfer the patient is now able to walk without assistance.
maximumThe maximum transfer amount is a thousand dollars.
nuclearThe successful application of nuclear transfer technology led to the cloning of Dolly the sheep.
internationalI made an international transfer using a wire transfer service.
adoptiveAdoptive transfer refers to the transfer of immune cells harvested from an immune competent donor into a recipient lacking a functional immune system.
immediateI need an immediate transfer of funds to my account.
completeThe financial advisor discussed complete transfer of the retirement account to a new custodian.
effectiveThe effective transfer of knowledge requires a clear understanding of the subject matter.
subsequentThe subsequent transfer of funds was delayed due to an unforeseen technical issue.
lateralThe bacteria can acquire antibiotic resistance through lateral transfer
simpleThe simple transfer was completed without any errors.
possibleDue to the possible transfer better to contact the company before you go.
electronThe electron transfer process is essential for the functioning of biological systems.
peacefulThe peaceful transfer of power is a cornerstone of democratic societies.
formalThe formal transfer of the property will take place next week.
gradualThe gradual transfer of knowledge ensured a smooth transition for the new team.
technologicalTechnological transfer accelerated the development and adoption of new technologies and innovations.
voluntaryIn the case of a voluntary transfer both parties must agree to the terms of the transaction.
mereThe issue of climate change will require mere transfer of responsibility.
automaticThe automatic transfer of funds was completed successfully.
easyThis software allows easy transfer of files between multiple devices.
internalThe employee requested an internal transfer to the marketing department.
massiveThe massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich has led to growing inequality.
orderlyI can perform an orderly transfer of information between different systems.
linearThe linear transfer of knowledge is an important part of education.
smoothThe smooth transfer of power between the two leaders ensured a seamless transition.
intramolecularIntramolecular transfer plays an important role in many chemical reactions.
turbulentThe turbulent transfer of heat and momentum between the ocean and atmosphere is an important driver of the global climate system.
temporaryThe company announced a temporary transfer for its employees to a nearby office.
partialThe company announced a partial transfer of its operations to a new location.
geneticGenetic transfer is the process of moving genetic material from one cell or organism to another.
verticalThe vertical transfer of knowledge and skills is essential for the advancement of any organization.
radiantThe radiant transfer of heat is the transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic radiation.
fraudulentThe fraudulent transfer was discovered by the auditor during the financial audit.
thermalThe thermal transfer process involves the movement of heat from one object to another.
intergenerationalIntergenerational transfer is an important factor in shaping the distribution of wealth and income.
overallOverall transfer rates were calculated for different temperatures.
fileThe file transfer was completed successfully.
somaticSomatic transfer is a form of genetic modification in which genes are transferred from one cell to another.
reliableThis document offers a reliable transfer of information.
liquidThe liquid transfer took a long time to complete due to its enormous size.
interhemisphericThe interhemispheric transfer of information from one brain hemisphere to the other is known as the commissural system.
simultaneousThe simultaneous transfer of funds occurred without incident.
conductiveConductive transfer occurs when heat is transferred through direct contact between objects.
substantialWe are working on a substantial transfer of assets to the new company.
taxIn the United States, 82% of federal tax money is distributed to states through tax transfers.
eventualI saw the eventual transfer of funds to the account.
permanentThe permanent transfer of property is subject to a deed.
analogicalThe analogical transfer from source to target domain is a key challenge in machine learning.
wholesaleThe wholesale transfer of the staff to the new office was completed without any issues.

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