Adjectives for Translation

Adjectives For Translation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing translation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe a translation can significantly alter its perceived quality and accuracy. An English translation might conjure notions of global accessibility, while a French one adds a layer of sophistication. A literal translation, on the other hand, appeals to purists favoring fidelity over fluidity, contrasting with a free translation that prioritizes meaning over exact wording. Whether it’s a German translation known for its precision or a Latin one rich with historical significance, the adjectives we choose shed light on our expectations and preferences. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with translations below.
frenchThe french translation of this sentence is easy.
literalThe literal translation of the idiom is "at the drop of a hat."
germanThe German translation of this text is very good.
freeThis is a free translation of the original text.
completeThis document contains the complete translation of the speech given by the president.
greek"treating rebels with the severity of greek translation"
italianHer name for Italian translation is "Rosina"".
russianThe Russian translation of the document is included at the bottom of the page.
directFor direct translation Google uses Google Translate
correctThe correct translation of the document is now ready.
excellentThis is an excellent translation
partialHis partial translation of the Hebrew Bible was published in 1898.}
accurateThis is an accurate translation
exactThe exact translation of the phrase is "dog is animal".
japaneseI am learning Japanese so that I can read Japanese literature in the original Japanese translation
dutchI am learning Dutch translation
literaryI am writing a short sentence with 'literary translation'.
officialOfficial translation of the document in Spanish is attached.
standardThis is a standard translation
simultaneousSimultaneous translation allows for real-time communication between speakers who speak different languages.
faithfulThe speaker introduced his faithful translation of the ancient text.
mereThe mere translation of a text will not always guarantee accurate rendering of its meaning.
abridgedHe gave an abridged translation of the novel.
roughThe rough translation of the text is that they are looking for a new home.
wordI am a word translation
usualIt was the usual translation of a dream.
adequateThis document provides an adequate translation of the original work.
hindiHow can I speak Hindi translation?
persianThe Persian translation of the text was accurate.
nickThe DNA nick translation reaction is used to label DNA fragments with radioactive nucleotides.
metricalThe complexity of the metrical translation for that particular piece led him to abandon his efforts.
alternativeThe alternative translation is more accurate.
polishThe Polish translation was accurate and well-written.
anonymousThe anonymous translation ensures that the author's identity remains confidential.
aboveThe above translation is not accurate.
mechanicalThe quality of mechanical translation has improved significantly in recent years.
syriacThe Syriac translation of the Bible is one of the oldest and most important versions.
unofficialHe also made some strides in his unofficial translation of the Bible into Urdu.
admirableThe admirable translation of the ancient text brought new insights to the study of history.
unpublishedShe published a story in its entirety, including an unpublished translation of a German poem.
swedishMy Swedish translation is very good.
tibetanI am learning tibetan translation
grammarStudents learned English through the grammar translation method.
backThe back translation technique involves translating from a language to an intermediate language and then translating back to the original language.
radicalThe radical translation of the text changed its meaning completely.
portugueseThe portuguese translation is very good.
earliestThe earliest translation of Homer's epic poems was into Latin in the 2nd century B.C.
looseA loose translation of the phrase is "The early bird gets the worm."
danishHe asked for a Danish translation
aramaicThe Aramaic translation of the Bible is called the Peshitta.
biblicalThe biblical translation was very accurate.
parallelChinese and English dictionaries offer parallel translations for easy language learning.

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