Adjectives for Trial

Adjectives For Trial

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing trial, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of research and justice, the noun 'trial' acquires nuanced meanings with the addition of adjectives. A 'randomized' trial in a clinical setting suggests a methodologically sound approach to research, whereas a 'controlled' trial emphasizes precision and reliability. The term 'clinical' trial directly points to a medical research context, aiming to test new treatments. The adjective 'new' before 'trial' often sparks interest, highlighting innovations or novel methodologies. Meanwhile, a 'fair' trial is a cornerstone of just legal systems, emphasizing impartiality and fairness. Lastly, 'first' signifies pioneering efforts or initial experiments in both legal and scientific fields. These adjectives enrich the noun 'trial,' offering a glimpse into the diverse contexts and importance it holds. Discover more adjectives that frequently accompany 'trial' and explore the depth they add below.
randomizedA randomized trial is a type of scientific experiment in which participants are randomly assigned to different treatment groups.
controlledThe controlled trial was conducted to test the effectiveness of a new drug.
clinicalThe clinical trial found that the new drug was effective.
newThe judge granted a new trial on the grounds of insufficient evidence.
fairThe defendant is entitled to a fair trial
blindThe blind trial was conducted in order to ensure that the results were unbiased.
secondDespite failing the first trial, he attempted a second trial but still failed.
prospectiveThe prospective trial is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
criminalThis criminal trial is in relation to multiple counts of fraud.
randomisedA randomised trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the new intervention.
publicThe public trial was highly sensationalized and followed by the media.
severeHe was put to the severe trial of fire.
speedyThe defendant has the right to a speedy trial
therapeuticThe patient underwent a therapeutic trial to determine the efficacy of the new drug.
openThe open trial will begin next week
thirdThe doctor attempted a third trial despite the lack of success in the first two.
actualWe don't know if he did it, but they will find out during the actual trial
subsequentHe was found guilty in the subsequent trial and sentenced to life in prison.
mockThe mock trial will take place in the school's auditorium.
soreThe divorce proceedings were a sore trial for both parties.
recentThe recent trial was a huge success.
comparativeThe comparative trial showed that the new drug was more effective than the old one.
famousThe famous trial was broadcast live on national television.
fieryThe fiery trial tested her resolve.
preliminaryThe preliminary trial was scheduled for next week.
initialWe are assessing the situation after the initial trial of the new product.
weekThe new employee was given a one-week trial period.
formalThe formal trial will be held next week.
civilThe civil trial was set to begin on Monday.
dayI'm going to sign up for the 30-day trial before I purchase the full subscription.
monthSign up for a 30-day month trial of our service.
yearHe was sentenced to 10 year trial for corruption.
doubleThe defendant's double trial is scheduled for next month.
adequateThe defendant was denied an adequate trial
thoroughThe company conducted a thorough trial before releasing the new product.
judicialThe judicial trial will be held tomorrow in the city center.
multicenterA multicenter trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the new drug.
sensationalThe sensational trial of the century has gripped the nation's attention.
terribleThe terrible trial dragged on for months, testing the limits of the human spirit.
multicentreThe team conducted a multicentre trial to evaluate the efficacy of the new drug.
briefThe brief trial lasted only a few hours.
scaleThe scale trial was conducted to assess the effectiveness of the new treatment.
severestThe Covid-19 pandemic has been the nation's severest trial since the depression.
lengthyThe lengthy trial finally came to an end after several months of testimony.
celebratedThe celebrated trial captivated the nation.
bitterThe bitter trial had hardened him.
secretThe secret trial was held behind closed doors.
impartialThe defendant is entitled to an impartial trial

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