Adjectives for Truth

Adjectives For Truth

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing truth, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with the noun 'truth' can profoundly shape the meaning it conveys. 'Whole truth' evokes a feeling of completeness and honesty, while 'divine truth' suggests a higher, possibly spiritual, authority. 'Absolute truth' speaks to an unchangeable, foundational reality, whereas 'great truth' emphasizes the importance and impact of the truth in question. Opting for 'simple truth' can highlight the clarity and straightforwardness, and 'real truth' reinforces authenticity and genuineness. These nuances not only paint a richer picture but also enable writers to connect more deeply with their readers by precisely communicating the observed reality. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'truth' to see how each shapes our understanding of this pivotal concept.
wholeShe wanted to know the whole truth but she was afraid of what she might find.
divineThose who tasted the divine truth are the ones who have fully awakened.
absoluteThe absolute truth is the truth that is true in all possible worlds.
greatThe great truth about life is that it is a mystery.
simpleThe simple truth is that no one is perfect.
realThe real truth is often hidden.
religiousThe religious truth was hard to understand.
historicalThe historical truth is often obscured by the passage of time.
eternalThe eternal truth of mathematics and the immutable laws of nature are a constant source of inspiration for philosophers and scientists.
ultimateThe ultimate truth is unknowable.
objectiveIt is an objective truth that the capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.
veryThe honesty and truthfulness that comes from the depths of my heart is the very truth
plainThe plain truth is that we have to face the facts.
spiritualWe must never lose sight of spiritual truth
generalA general truth is a statement that is widely accepted to be true.
scientificScientific truth is founded on empirical evidence and logical reasoning.
moralThe moral truth is that people should be treated with respect and dignity.
christianThe Christian truth sets people free from sin and death.
universalLove is a universal truth
fundamentalThe fundamental truth of the universe is that everything is connected.
literalThe literal truth is often difficult to comprehend.
halfThe half truth is sometimes more dangerous than a lie.
essentialThe essential truth like the sun, is fearless of scrutiny.
exactThe exact truth is sometimes hard to determine.
necessaryThe existence of a triangle with three equal sides is a necessary truth
revealedThe revealed truth stunned the congregation.
sadThe sad truth is that life isn't always fair.
profoundThe profound truth is that the universe is within us.
evidentThe evident truth is that the Earth revolves around the Sun.
nakedHiding from the naked truth is ultimately impossible.
obviousIt is an obvious truth that all men are created equal.
perfectPerfect truth is known by the content that flows out of it.
highestThe highest truth is ultimately unknowable.
basicIt is a basic truth that everyone is different.
partialThe partial truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
pureThe pure truth was a bitter pill to swallow.
honestThe honest truth is that I am not perfect.
logicalThe theorem of Pythagoras is a logical truth
nearerWe hear a nearer truth in these words of Goethe
innerTrust your inner truth for it will guide you to where you need to be.
abstract"The abstract truth is that the meaning of life is to find your own meaning."
equalIn the realm of knowledge, equal truth prevails.
bitterIt was a bitter truth but one that needed to be heard.
soberThe sober truth is often the most difficult to accept.
gospelThe Bible is the gospel truth
awfulThe awful truth was revealed when the evidence was presented.
relativeThe concept of relative truth suggests that truth is subjective and dependent on an individual's perspective or context.
terribleThe terrible truth dawned on her that she had been betrayed.
biblicalThe biblical truth reveals the purpose and meaning of life.
historicThe historic truth is often more complicated than the simplified version we are taught.
psychologicalThe psychological truth is that we are all more complex than we appear.
deeperThe deeper truth can be found in the spaces between words.
hardThe hard truth is that success doesn't come easy.
evangelicalThe evangelical truth is that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.
poeticThe sun's poetic truth is that it shines on everyone equally.
unvarnishedThe unvarnished truth can often be the most difficult to accept.
sacredThe sacred truth is revealed only to the worthy.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical truth is that we are all connected.
theologicalTheological truth is a complex and multifaceted concept that has been debated by philosophers and theologians for centuries.
painfulFacing the painful truth was like walking on broken glass.
strictTo tell the strict truth I was quite surprised.
vitalThe vital truth was hidden in plain sight.
supremeThe supreme truth is that love conquers all.
enoughThe sun will rise tomorrow; that's enough truth for me.
substantialHis statements contained substantial truth
factualThe factual truth about this matter is ...
solemnThe solemn truth was that she had broken his heart.
empiricalThe empirical truth is that the sun rises in the east.

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