Adjectives for Turn

Adjectives For Turn

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing turn, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe a 'turn' can significantly alter the perception and understanding of a sentence. A 'new turn' hints at unexpected changes or beginnings, evoking a sense of anticipation. A 'good turn' often reflects a positive action or favor, enhancing the moral value of the act. On the other hand, 'sharp turn' suggests a sudden or significant change in direction, adding a layer of urgency or caution. Meanwhile, 'right' and 'left turns' are not just about directions, but also choosing paths, symbolizing decision-making moments in life. The 'next turn' brings a sense of immediacy and future possibilities. Each adjective not only describes the turn but also adds a unique flavor to the narrative. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate different facets of 'turn'.
newThe unexpected revelation gave the case a new turn
sharpThe driver took the sharp turn with ease, navigating through the winding road with precision.
rightPay attention to the right turn ahead.
leftThe bus driver initiated a left turn onto Main Street.
nextIt is my next turn and I'm going to play a card.
suddenThe sudden turn of events left us all bewildered.
differentThe conversation took a different turn when she mentioned her ex-husband.
wrongI took a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end.
unexpectedThe unexpected turn of events left us stunned.
halfShe completed the exercise in a half turn
completeThe shocking news took a complete turn
seriousThe situation took a serious turn when the patient's condition suddenly worsened.
quickThe team's quick turn on the field led them to victory.
degreeThe driver made a 90 degree turn at the intersection.
linguisticThe linguistic turn has been a significant development in the humanities and social sciences.
dramaticThe trial took a dramatic turn when the key witness changed his testimony.
singleHe had a single turn to prove himself.
badThe unexpected bad turn of events left me feeling lost and confused.
fullThe car made a full turn and headed back in the direction it came from.
practicalThe project took a practical turn when the engineers began testing the prototype.
decisiveThe decisive turn in the battle came when the cavalry charged.
finalThe final turn to the right will lead you to the exit.
slightShe took a slight turn to the right.
outThe team got a better out turn this time.
abruptThe car took an abrupt turn to avoid the obstacle.
favourableThe new alliance was a favourable turn of events for the warring factions.
handHe helped us to hand turn the mill wheel.
favorableThe events took a favorable turn when the new evidence exonerated the defendant.
tightThe car swerved a tight turn to avoid hitting the pedestrian.
keyI heard the key turn in the lock.
slowHe took a slow turn around the corner.
upwardThe graph showed an upward turn in the number of customers.
peculiarI took a peculiar turn down the winding road that led to the hidden cottage.
culturalThe cultural turn has led to a focus on the role of culture in shaping social and political life.
wideThe car took a wide turn around the corner.
radicalThe decision made a radical turn in the path of their career.
literaryHer literary turn was evident in her use of sophisticated vocabulary and complex sentence structure.
surprisingI never expected that the harmless-looking teddy bear would have such a surprising turn as a deadly weapon.
downwardThe economy took a downward turn leading to widespread financial losses.
roundThe sailor made a round turn with the rope before tying it off.
quarterI turned the knob a quarter turn to the right and the door opened.
unfortunateThe unfortunate turn of events forced us to reconsider our plans.
curiousThe curious turn of events left us all bewildered.
postmodernThe postmodern turn has had a significant impact on the way we think about history, literature, and art.
steepThe pilot made a steep turn to avoid the oncoming traffic.
interestingThe conversation took an interesting turn when they started discussing the ethics of AI.
philosophicalThe philosophical turn in the novel marked a significant departure from its conventional narrative structure.
tragicThe joyous celebration took a tragic turn when the fireworks malfunctioned.
stomachThe news of the war made my stomach turn
inwardWith an inward turn of its petals, the daisy closed for the night.
oddAfter a series of odd turns, the situation became increasingly chaotic.
dangerousThe road took a dangerous turn
extraAfter landing on the 'Extra Turn' space, the player took another turn.
mechanicalThe robot's mechanical turn was smooth and precise.
evilHer evil turn of phrase was beyond the pale.
speculative"Speculative turn" is a term used to describe a recent shift in the humanities and social sciences towards more speculative and imaginative approaches.
circularThe path he is proposed to take is not a circular turn

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