Adjectives for Two

Adjectives For Two

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing two, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

When describing the concept of 'two,' the adjectives used can significantly alter its perception and connotation. Using terms like 'part,' 'twenty,' 'forty,' 'thirty,' 'fifty,' and 'sixty' showcases not just a simple numeral value but a myriad of contexts, from fractions and portions with 'part' to the nuances of age, decades, and milestones with the rest. Each adjective unveils a layer of meaning, transforming 'two' from a mere number to a symbol of sequences, divisions, and even celebrations in life's journey. Delve deeper into how these adjectives color the interpretation of 'two' and explore the full spectrum of descriptors below.
partPart two is now available.
twentyThe average class size was twenty two students.
fortyThe answer is forty two
thirtyThe sum of the numbers from one to thirty two is five hundred twenty eight.
fiftyShe scored fifty two out of one hundred on her spelling test.
sixtyThe total number of students in the class is sixty two
seventyThere were seventy two students in the auditorium.
sectionPlease refer to section two of the document for more details.
ninetyShe increased the temperature to ninety two degrees.
dayIt was day two of their road trip and they were already halfway to their destination.
sixThere is a six two engine in the basement.
phaseWe will move onto phase two of the project next week.
threeThe girl in the car with the three two plates on was given a speeding ticket by the police officer.
oneThe drummer counted one two three four and then the band began to play.
volumeVolume two of the encyclopedia was missing from the shelf.
eightyeighty two is a number
levelThe quest is at level two
lessonThis is lesson two
caseCase two is a hypothetical situation that is considered in order to plan for potential outcomes.
nineThe next bus will arrive at nine two
novelI read novel two today.
chorusCan you sing chorus two again, please?
stepStep two is to identify the problem.
exerciseExercise two is my favorite
andThe dog jumped and two kids laughed.
ruleRule two can be followed by the non-terminal that it introduces
eightThe flight arrived at eight two
pagePlease turn to page two of your textbook.
exampleExample two is a perfect example of a good sentence.
utopianThey envisioned a utopian two where people lived in harmony.
cardinalThe cardinal two sang a beautiful song.
lectureThe professor began lecture two on the history of the United States.
forHe has been in prison for two years.
hillsideThe hillside two was covered in snow.
trackThe track two talks could help foster greater understanding between the two sides.
worldOnce upon a time there was a world two
computerLet me move to computer two
typeShe had type two diabetes.
postI will post two pictures on Instagram tomorrow.
principlePrinciple two and its six parts guide diplomacy and statecraft of the United States, namely civic duty, honor, commitment, courage, gratitude, and selflessness.
problemThere is no problem two
blankTurn the blank two
childThe child two was playing in the park.
illustriousThe illustrious two had a profound impact on the course of history.
howHow two belligerent nations ever expect to live in peace is a mystery.
categoryThe typhoon was downgraded to a category two storm.
weekWe are now in week two of the project.
takeI'll take two of those for the road.
veeThe vee two engine roared to life.
paragraphIn paragraph two you'll find more details about the subject.
fieldThe farmer planted corn in field two
preAt the age of six, he moved pre two with his family.
divideYou can divide two by multiplying by the multiplicative inverse of two, which is one half.
letterThe letter two is written as '2'.
zeroZero two is a popular character from the anime Darling in the Franxx.
readerReader two admired the vase sitting on the table.
defconThe military has been placed on DEFCON two in response to the escalating tensions.
plusThe number of students in the class is twenty plus two
nineteenMy grandmother was born in nineteen two
manitowocManitowoc two is a local television station in Wisconsin.
voiceThe voice two is a bit muffled.
tierThe student was placed in the tier two reading group.
itemI need to get item two from the list.
goodyThe goody two-shoes is always trying to do the right thing.
answerYou must answer two questions before you leave.
fiveI counted five two dollar bills in my wallet.

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