Adjectives for Type

Adjectives For Type

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing type, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'type' can be a subtle art that significantly impacts the nuance of a sentence. Whether you're referring to the 'same type' to express similarity, the 'new type' to introduce novelty, the 'second type' to denote an alternative, the 'particular type' to specify with precision, the 'different type' to highlight diversity, or the 'common type' to point out ubiquity, each combination opens up a distinct world of meaning. The adjectives chosen to accompany 'type' can subtly influence the tone, emphasis, and direction of your discourse. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'type' and the unique nuances each pairing brings to your conversation below.
sameThe two cars are of the same type
newThe new type of phone is very popular.
secondThe birth control method was of the second type I had tried.
particularThe chair belongs to a particular type of furniture.
differentThis question is of a different type
commonThis is a pretty common type of occurrence in the workplace.
certainI am looking for a certain type of book.
specialThis is a special type of coffee.
specificThe specific type of rock is called quartzite.
latterThe latter type of response is generally considered to be more accurate.
wildThe wild type has a mutation in the gene.
singleHe only buys single type flowers.
similarThe two companies offer products of a similar type
idealI met my ideal type at a coffee shop.
usualThis is the usual type of sentence.
simpleThe simple type is a basic data type.
highestThe highest type of knowledge is empathy.
ordinaryHe was just an ordinary type of guy.
primitiveIntegers, floating-point numbers, and characters are examples of primitive types.
formerThe former type of the agency was a non-governmental charity founded in 1966.
simplestThe simplest type of machine is a lever.
fourthThe fourth type of pasta is called penne.
standardThe standard type of the device was only used for testing purposes.
distinctAn individual of a distinct type unlike others.
mixedThis is a mixed type sentence, with numbers 123 and strings.
peculiarI came across a peculiar type of flower while I was hiking.
dominantThe dominant type of personality among the group members is introverted.
conventionalThis is a conventional type of sentence.
movableThe invention of movable type revolutionized the printing industry.
rareThe manuscript is a rare type of document.
predominantThe predominant type of vegetation in the area is tropical rainforest.
contentThe email has an attached file with a content type of "application/octet-stream".
uniqueI have a unique type of stamp collection that I've been working on for years.
distinctiveThe race car had a distinctive type of engine.
unusualThe unusual type of flower attracted many visitors.
abstractAn abstract type is a mathematical concept used to describe a set of values that share certain properties.
frequentThe frequent type of bird in my backyard is the sparrow.
correctThe correct type of data for this field is a string.
familiarHis familiar type of ambience would never allow him to do something like that
characteristicThis particular phenotype is the characteristic type seen in sickle-cell anemia.
commonestThe commonest type of optical fiber is single-mode fiber
italicWe emphasized the important phrase in italic type*
intermediateThe species showed an intermediate type of phenotypic variation, suggestive of interbreeding between groups.

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