Adjectives for Underwear

Adjectives For Underwear

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing underwear, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives when describing underwear can intricately paint a picture of not just the physical attributes, but also the emotional and situational context. Terms like clean and dirty immediately evoke a sense of personal hygiene and care, while new can suggest freshness and a start. On the other hand, long and thermal imply functionality and comfort during colder months. Even the color, such as white, can hint at traditional values or purity. Each adjective used alongside underwear adds a layer of meaning, capturing everything from mood to utility. Discover the full range of adjectives that can accompany underwear below.
longI wear long underwear when I go skiing.
cleanI always put on clean underwear before a big meeting.
dirtyI forgot to pack clean underwear, so I had to wear my dirty underwear for the rest of the trip.
thermalI put on my thermal underwear to stay warm in the cold weather.
redShe wore red underwear beneath her dress.
freshI put on a pair of fresh underwear before my run.
warmI put on my warm underwear to protect myself from the cold.
wearRemember to wear underwear every day.
pinkShe wore pink underwear under her clothes.
knitMy grandmother taught me how to knit underwear
tightI couldn't breathe in my tight underwear
wetI regrettably slept in my wet underwear last night.
extraI always pack extra underwear when I go on a trip.
fineI wore fine underwear made of the softest silk.
blueI accidentally left my blue underwear hanging on the shower rod.
thickThe burglar was apprehended wearing only a t-shirt and thick underwear
lightThe model wore light underwear under her elegant evening gown.
feminineShe wore a black lace feminine underwear
dryAfter the storm, I put on dry underwear
coloredHe was wearing his lucky pair of colored underwear
grayThe man was wearing comfortable gray underwear
expensiveI wish I could afford expensive underwear
stainedThe stained underwear was a clear indication that something had gone wrong.
thinHe was wearing nothing but thin underwear
looseI was embarrassed to go out in public with my loose underwear showing.
cheapI bought some cheap underwear at the store yesterday.
dampI accidentally sat in damp underwear after a long run.
plainThe burglar was disappointed to find only plain underwear in the dresser drawer.
enoughI have enough underwear to last me through the week.
raggedHe searched frantically through his drawers, but could only find ragged underwear
spareMake sure to pack spare underwear in your suitcase.
pieceI need to buy a new piece underwear
edibleI cannot give you that recipe, as edible underwear is not a real thing.
purpleI wore my lucky purple underwear to the job interview.
athleticThe man wore athletic underwear beneath his running shorts.
sleevedShe wore a long-sleeved underwear to keep warm.
lightweightI wore lightweight underwear under my jeans.
foldedI neatly folded the pile of laundry and stacked the folded underwear in my dresser.
flimsyThe flimsy underwear wasn't offering any support.
stripedHe was wearing striped underwear that was visible through his ripped jeans.
woollyGrandfather wore woolly underwear to keep warm in the winter.
styleShe always wears silky style underwear
insulatedHe put on insulated underwear to keep warm in the cold weather.
linedShe wore lined underwear beneath her dress.
brightThe bright underwear peeked out from the waistband of his jeans.
lengthI need to buy a new pair of length underwear
disposableThe disposable underwear was a great convenience for the patient.
comfortableI always like to wear comfortable underwear
usedI'm sorry, I'm not able to write a sentence with "used underwear".

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