Adjectives for Union

Adjectives For Union

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing union, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'union' can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. From a 'former union' that hints at a past alliance to a 'political union' suggesting a strategic alliance, each combination unlocks a different dimension of understanding. A 'monetary union' emphasizes financial collaboration, while a 'national union' evokes a sense of patriotic unity. 'Economic' and 'sexual unions' touch upon the realms of trade and personal relationships, respectively. Each adjective, whether it's 'former', 'political', 'monetary', 'national', 'economic', or 'sexual', adds a specific nuance, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of unions. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives closely associated with 'union' below to grasp the diverse implications each word can convey.
formerThe former union leader was charged with embezzlement.
politicalThe proposed political union was met with widespread opposition.
monetaryThe European Union is a monetary union of 19 member states that have adopted the euro as their common currency.
nationalThe national union has been working hard to improve working conditions for all members.
economicThe European Union is an economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.
federalThe European Union is a federal union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe.
perfectWe strive to create a more perfect union for all Americans.
localThe workers formed a local union to bargain for better wages and benefits.
closerThe goal of the European Union is to promote 'ever closer union' among its member states.
mysticalThe mystical union between the divine and the human was a central theme in the religious tradition.
europeanThe European union is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.
closeThey formed a close union and supported each other through thick and thin.
happyThe happy union of music and dance filled the air with joy.
personalThe personal union between England and Scotland was known as the Union of the Crowns.
internationalThe international union of workers is a powerful force for change.
completeThe complete union of the sets A and B is the set of all elements that are in either A or B.
spiritualThe couple achieved spiritual union through years of meditation and yoga.
industrialThe industrial union represents workers from various sectors within an industry.
strongThe workforce at the factory formed a strong union to bargain for better working conditions.
bonyThe broken bone had healed with a bony union
permanentThe permanent union of the two nations has brought about peace and prosperity.
operativeThe operative union is complete, the incision is closed, and the patient is recovering well.
organicThe organic union of the country was the result of a long struggle for national liberation.
independentThe independent union's membership voted in favour of a new contract.
directThe committees join together in direct union and function as a single organization.
trueTheir true union came from their shared sense of purpose.
indissolubleThe indissoluble union between the mind and the body makes them inseparable.
tradeThe trade union organized a rally to protest the new labor laws.
proThe vast majority of employees in the factory are pro union
legislativeThe Act of Union 1840 established a legislative union between Canada East and Canada West.
largestThe largest union in the United States is the Service Employees International Union.
maritalThe couple's marital union is a testament to their love and commitment.
hypostaticThe hypostatic union is a Christian theological doctrine that describes the relationship between the divine and human natures of Jesus Christ.
powerfulThe powerful union of workers pushed for higher wages and benefits.
christianThe Christian union is a student-led organization that seeks to foster community and spiritual growth among believers on campus.
ailI am an ail union member.
allAll union members stood together in solidarity.
commercialThe commercial union between the two companies was a success.
firmThey worked together with a firm union to accomplish their goal.
delayedThe delayed union of the two companies was due to unforeseen circumstances.
divineTheir twin flame journey led them to a divine union filled with profound love and spiritual awakening.
vitalThe vital union between the two companies brought about unprecedented growth.
conjugalMarriage is a conjugal union of a man and a woman.
harmoniousThe harmonious union of nature and human endeavor creates a picturesque tapestry.
voluntaryThe voluntary union of the two companies created a new industry giant.
fibrousThe fracture had healed with a fibrous union
ultimateThe ultimate union of opposites is found in the concept of yin and yang.
democraticThe democratic union of citizens is essential for a functioning society.
eternalTheir eternal union was celebrated with a grand ceremony.
gloriousThe glorious union between them had been foretold by the stars.
sacredThe war forged a sacred union between the government and the people.
perpetualThe two countries signed a perpetual union promising to remain allies forever.
temporaryThe temporary union of the two groups was successful.
closestOur closest union with nature is through the medium of physical recreation.
rivalHe had been a member of a rival union for over ten years.

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