Adjectives for Unit

Adjectives For Unit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing unit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of language and communication, the noun 'unit' takes on varied nuances when paired with different adjectives, dramatically altering its interpretation. A 'single unit' implies isolation or exclusivity, while a 'basic unit' refers to the foundational element. 'Intensive unit' suggests a high level of focus or care, contrasting with 'social unit,' which emphasizes communal or societal aspects. Furthermore, 'central unit' denotes the heart or core of a system, and 'economic unit' introduces a financial dimension. Each combination unlocks a unique perspective, enriching our understanding of 'unit' in diverse contexts. Dive into the full list of adjectives linked with 'unit' to explore the rich tapestry of meanings each pairing creates.
singleThe apartment is a single unit with one bedroom and one bathroom.
basicThe basic unit of society is the family.
intensiveThe patient was admitted to the intensive unit after the surgery.
socialThe family is a basic social unit
centralThe central unit processed the data efficiently.
economicThe family is the most important economic unit in a society.
politicalIn the United States, a political unit is any subdivision of the country that has its own government and can raise taxes and spend money.
smallestThe smallest unit of life is the cell.
separateThe separate unit was located in a remote area.
administrativeThe local government in this administrative unit is transparent in its policymaking.
largerThe larger unit is a collection of smaller units.
functionalThe functional unit of the kidney is the nephron.
specialThe special unit was called in to handle the hostage situation.
standardThe volume of the container is measured in standard units.
monetaryThe monetary unit of Japan is the yen.
fundamentalThe fundamental unit of length in the International System of Units is the meter.
militaryThe military unit was deployed to the border.
independentThe structure and curriculum of the independent unit will be aligned to the developmental strands and age groups of the learners.
primaryThe primary unit of carbon is the atom.
additionalThe additional unit provided ample space for storage.
entireThe entire unit was destroyed in the blast.
completeThe assembly line produced a complete unit every 10 minutes.
structuralThe structural unit of ribosomes is rRNA.
mobileThe firefighters used their mobile unit to quickly respond to the house fire.
organizationalThe organizational unit is responsible for managing the company's IT infrastructure.
governmentalThis governmental unit has been in charge of the area for over 50 years.
appropriateUse the appropriate unit for the measurement.
psychiatricThe patient was admitted to the psychiatric unit for evaluation.
arithmeticThe computer's arithmetic unit performs mathematical calculations.
smallerThe smaller unit of an organization is a department.
perThe cost of electricity is measured in cents per unit
largestThe largest unit was hard to move.
coronaryThe team rushed the patient to the coronary unit monitoring his heart rhythm closely.
neonatalThe neonatal unit is a specialized ward in the hospital where premature and sick newborns receive intensive care.
typicalThe consumption of 10 mg/L of vitamin D3 increased the expression of D3 receptor in the intestine, implying that lower vitamin D3 may be a typical unit of weight measure.
territorialThe territorial unit surrounding this area is known as the Qusha Tappeh.
inpatientThe patient was admitted to the inpatient unit after a suicide attempt.
logicalThe error message provides a logical unit for troubleshooting.
integratedThe integrated unit will be tested next week.
surgicalAfter surgery, the patient was transferred to the surgical unit for observation.
autonomousThe autonomous unit is responsible for its own governance.
residentialThe residential unit has two bedrooms and one bathroom.
subThe sub unit has been working on the project for several months.
experimentalThe experimental unit is the smallest unit to which treatments are randomly assigned in an experiment.
productiveThe productive unit in our company is increasing by the day.
convenientThis convenient unit provides a quick and easy way to measure and compare prices.
portableThe team carried the portable unit to the remote location.
cohesiveThe team functioned as a cohesive unit and achieved great success.
distinctThis wave was a distinct unit separate from the others.
geographicalThe geographical unit of the study was the western United States.
extraI took an extra unit of physics last semester.
electronicThe electronic unit was damaged beyond repair.
pediatricThe pediatric unit is a specialized area of the hospital that cares for children.
atomicThe atomic unit of mass is exactly 1/12 of the mass of a carbon-12 atom at rest.
compactWe highly recommend using a compact unit when space is limited.
ultimateThe ultimate unit of life on Earth is the cell.
metricThe metric unit for length is the meter.

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