Adjectives for Units

Adjectives For Units

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing units, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe units can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, revealing not just the size but the scope, locality, and diversity of the units in question. For instance, describing something as small units emphasizes their diminutive size, perhaps signifying a lack of impact or a more intimate, detailed focus. On the other hand, larger units could imply a grander scale or broader impact. Using local units highlights a specific geographical focus, while individual units point to a unique, singular entity among various others, setting the stage for rich, detailed narratives. Dive into our full list of adjectives to find the perfect descriptor for your units.
smallSmall units of the army were sent to protect the border.
smallerThe larger figures can be broken down into their smaller units
largerThe company divided the project into larger units to make it more manageable.
localThe local units tried to quell the rebellion before it escalated.
individualThe army was composed of several individual units
variousThe various units of measurement can be confusing.
militaryThe military units were deployed to the border to prevent any further incursions.
basicThe basic units of computing are the bit, byte, and word.
separateThe laboratory was divided into separate units
administrativeThe company redistricted its administrative units this quarter.
functionalEach of these functional units is designed to perform a specific task.
industrialThe industrial units of the city emitted a variety of pollutants into the atmosphere.
independentCorporations are usually comprised of independent units that manage a particular segment of the business.
governmentalThese four units cover the largest governmental units in the state.
structuralThe structural units of proteins are amino acids.
additionalThe company offered additional units to its employees as part of their compensation package.
organizationalEach of our organizational units has its own set of responsibilities.
standardThe scientists used standard units of measurement to ensure accuracy and consistency in their experiments.
intensiveThe hospital has several intensive units for patients with critical illnesses.
mobileSecurity footage from nearby mobile units confirmed the suspect's identity.
arbitraryThe results were plotted in arbitrary units
britishThe recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of baking powder, all in British units
metricWe use metric units to measure things like length, weight, and volume.
subThe company is divided into several sub units
discreteData collected at discrete units of time can be plotted on a time series graph.
multipleOur company sells multiple units in different sizes and colors.
hiddenThis deep learning model has a lot of hidden units
territorialThe territorial units subject to the provisions of the present Protocol are determined in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the federal laws.
fundamentalThe fundamental units of the SI system are the second, the meter, the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin, the mole, and the candela.
residentialThe new development will include 100 residential units
navalThe naval units patrolled the coastline.
absoluteThey are absolute units
regularThe regular units of the army were supported by irregular troops.
autonomousThe centers in the north of the country became autonomous units
smallestThe smallest units of time are known as Planck times.
scaleThe blueprint measures lengths in scale units like centimeters or inches.
distinctTheir individual genomes, made up of distinct units of DNA, are separate from each other.
experimentalThe experimental units were randomly assigned to the different treatments.
monetaryThe company's revenue is based on the sale of products in different monetary units
atomicThe atomic units are a system of units based on the mass, charge, and $hbar$ of the electron.
specializedThose specialized units are designed to handle complex tasks.
linguisticLinguistic units are the building blocks of communication.
regionalThe country is divided into 13 regions, which are further divided into 51 regional units
equivalentThe equivalent units for the period were 100,000.
productiveDespite the introduction of new productive units overall coal output fell.
operationalThe company's operational units are responsible for different aspects of its business.
stratigraphicGeologists study stratigraphic units to understand the history of the Earth.
electricalThe electrical units used to measure voltage, current, and resistance are the volt, ampere, and ohm, respectively.
identicalThe three identical units are lined up in a row.
elementaryThe elementary units of life are cells.
concreteThe contractor used concrete units to build the foundation of the house.
fewerThe new factory will produce fewer units than the old one.
subordinateThe subordinate units of the company are responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations.
meaningfulThe meaningful units of language are words, phrases, and clauses.
psychiatricThe hospital has three psychiatric units
conventionalThe data was measured in conventional units

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