Adjectives for Unity

Adjectives For Unity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing unity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the range of adjectives associated with the noun 'unity' can reveal the multifaceted ways it is perceived and invoked across different contexts. Descriptors such as 'national' and 'political' highlight the collective aspect of unity, pointing towards a shared identity or common cause. Conversely, terms like 'organic' suggest a more spontaneous or natural form of togetherness, devoid of deliberate orchestration. 'Essential' underscores the fundamental need for unity in certain scenarios, while 'German' and 'greater' can denote specific cultural or qualitative nuances of unity. Each adjective shades the noun with distinct connotations, inviting a deeper understanding of how unity is conceptualized and valued. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that color the notion of unity below.
nationalThe promotion of national unity is essential for the progress and prosperity of a nation.
politicalPolitical unity is crucial for a harmonious and stable society.
organicThe essay lacked organic unity and seemed like a patchwork of unrelated ideas.
essentialThe essential unity of all being is the fundamental principle of our faith.
germanGerman unity was achieved in 1871 with the establishment of the German Empire.
greaterThe initiative fostered greater unity and harmony within the community.
christianThe call for Christian unity has been echoed throughout history.
arabArab unity is a concept that promotes the unity of Arab peoples and countries.
spiritualThe shared beliefs and values that unite a group of people are known as spiritual unity
realReal unity is the result of diverse perspectives coming together and working towards a common goal.
culturalThe cultural unity within the community was evident in the shared traditions and values.
perfectThe team worked with perfect unity seamlessly collaborating to achieve their goals.
fundamentalThe fundamental unity of the human species is undeniable.
absoluteTheir absolute unity on this issue was a surprise to many.
muslimMuslim unity is essential for the progress and prosperity of the Ummah.
religiousThere was religious unity in the country, with no major conflicts between different faiths.
completeThe committee acted with complete unity
internalThe team celebrated their internal unity after a successful season.
divineThrough divine unity we strive for harmony and understanding.
underlyingThe underlying unity of the group made them unstoppable.
originalTheir original unity was shattered by the storm.
trueTrue unity is not achieved by sacrificing individuality, but by celebrating our uniqueness within a shared purpose.
africanAfrican unity has been a goal for many leaders on the continent.
higherIn order to maintain a higher unity all members must be committed to the common goal.
innerOur inner unity will shine through any challenges we face.
basicThe basic unity of the church was threatened by doctrinal differences.
moralMoral unity is crucial for maintaining social cohesion and harmony.
ultimateThe ultimate unity of the universe has always fascinated me.
syntheticThe synthetic unity of perception is a theory that states that the human perceptual system combines multiple sensory inputs into a single, unified percept.
structuralThis building has a solid foundation and a sturdy structure, providing it with structural unity
formalThe painting exhibited a formal unity that drew the eye and held it in contemplation.
artisticThe painting exhibited artistic unity through its harmonious composition and cohesive color palette.
racialWe must strive for racial unity in our society.
imperialThe Roman Empire maintained imperial unity through a combination of military force and political propaganda.
functionalThe functional unity of the human body is based on the close cooperation of its various parts.
necessaryThe necessary unity of the group was evident in their coordinated efforts.
substantialThe spectral data showed substantial unity in the complexes of the two metal ions.
indianThe Indian unity ensures that every citizen enjoys the same rights and privileges irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and gender.
indivisibleThe indivisible unity of the world is a fundamental principle of Taoism.
systematicThe systematic unity of the universe has fascinated scientists for centuries.
harmoniousThe choir sang with harmonious unity
visibleThe visible unity of their ranks was reinforced by a sense of common purpose.
transcendentalThe transcendental unity of apperception is the ultimate and synthetic unity of self-consciousness.
dramaticThe play unfolded with dramatic unity each scene contributing to the overall development of the plot.
ideologicalThe party's internal divisions prevented them from achieving ideological unity
communalThe communal unity of the village was evident in the way the villagers worked together to solve their problems.
complexThe complex unity of her character made her difficult to understand.
linguisticThe linguistic unity of a language is a complex and fascinating topic.
psychicOur psychic unity is so strong that we can communicate without words.
ethnicEthnic unity is a key element in promoting harmony and cooperation within a diverse society.
overallThe overall unity of the team helped them achieve their goal.
indissolubleThe indissoluble unity of the family is the foundation of society.
apparentThe apparent unity of the group was shattered by a single, ill-timed remark.
geographicalThe geographical unity of the region is due to natural factors such as mountains and rivers.
remarkableThe team demonstrated remarkable unity throughout the tournament.
irishIrish unity is the political goal of uniting the island of Ireland under a single sovereignty.
territorialThe country's territorial unity is of the utmost importance.
genuineWe must strive to achieve genuine unity in our society, where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.
universalUniversal unity is the belief that all things are connected and interdependent.
nearThe conductance near unity was attributed to defects
tribalThe tribal unity was a testament to the deep bond they'd formed over the years.
organizationalOrganizational unity is essential for successful teamwork.
concreteThe concrete unity of the machine was apparent in its sleek design and seamless construction.
cosmicThe cosmic unity of all things is a profound and awe-inspiring truth.
dialecticalDialectical unity is the idea that opposing forces can coexist within a system.
dynamicThe dynamic unity of the artwork was captivating.
undifferentiatedThe undifferentiated unity of existence was all that remained.
inseparableThe inseparable unity of mind and body is a fundamental assumption of psychology.
corporateThe company's corporate unity was evident in the way that all the employees worked together to achieve the company's goals.

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