Adjectives for Universal

Adjectives For Universal

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing universal, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the vast expanse of language, the use of adjectives with the noun 'universal' can dramatically shift its meaning, adding depth and specificity. The adjective 'abstract' elevates it to a conceptual level, hinting at theories or ideas not tied to the physical world. 'Concrete,' in contrast, pulls 'universal' down to earth, attaching it to tangible, real-world examples. 'True' lends it an undeniable veracity, making any statement feel more profound. Meanwhile, 'daily' brings 'universal' into the rhythm of everyday life, suggesting something that touches us all regularly. These nuances illustrate just how versatile language can be, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'universal' to unlock new dimensions of meaning.
mcaI am using mca universal to write short sentences.
particularThe particular universal is not the same as the general universal.
concreteIn Hegel's philosophy, the concrete universal is the unity of the particular and the universal.
trueThe true universal is the one that does not divide the universe.
dailyThe daily universal is a newspaper that is published every day.
abstractThe abstract universal of all societies is the collection of all individuals that exist inside it
newThe new universal standard for communication is the internet.
greatThe great universal truth is that we are all connected.
madridMadrid universal un espacio de encuentro para todos.
nonThe sentence is non universal
intelligibleThe theory behind it is still intelligible universally, despite the idiosyncrasies.
culturalMusic is a cultural universal found in all human societies.
moreThe laws of science tend to be more universal than the laws of nature.
fourthThis is the fourth universal rule of conduct.
informix"This is the fastest growing open-source relational database management system in the world." from Informix universal
nearThere was near universal outrage over the decision.
conservativeThe conservative universal would expand the welfare state.
holyThe holy universal church is the communion of all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Jesus.
mexicanThe Mexican universal is a daily newspaper published in Mexico City, Mexico.
objective"Objective universal" is a phrase that refers to an objective that is shared by all people.
pureThe pure universal is the condition for the possibility of experience.
absoluteThe absolute universal truth is that everyone has the right to live.
singleThe single universal currency would make international trade much easier.
realThe real universal is the idea of a shared humanity.
thirdThe third universal model refers to an aspirational state where the most ethical and advanced human civilization has unlocked the door to the universe and is now a part of the cosmos society.
swedeThe swede universal is a type of turnip that is popular in Sweden.
fifthThe fifth universal would be perfect for my collection of fine watches.
quasiThe quasi universal adoption of the internet has had a profound impact on society.
ancientThe ancient universal language was spoken by all people in the world.
cogitableThe cogitable universal is the ground of all being.
frenchThe French universal health coverage system provides access to quality care for all citizens.
sec"Sec universal" is a way of referring to the secular humanist worldview.
sterileA sterile universal environment is one that is free from all living microorganisms.
computationComputation universals are the most powerful computers possible.
introductionHe gave an introduction universal to the history of Earth.
futureThe future universal will contain advanced technology.
priorThe prior universal acceptance of common law and community customs as a basis for common law has changed little over time.
knownThe known universal solvent is water.
correspondingThe corresponding universal name is Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
soulThe soul universal overarching all, embracing everything, the beginning and the end.
contraryThis is a contrary universal
unitarianThe Unitarian Universalist Association is a liberal religious denomination with congregations in the United States and Canada.
nominalThe nominal universal is a concept in metaphysics that refers to a property that is shared by all members of a category.
highestA democracy, not a theocracy, must speak with the highest universal standards.
evidentThe evident universal disparage was irrefutable.
4thThe 4th universal was created to help people do their jobs better.
theologicalThe universality of religion is a theological universal
doubleThat requires a double universal expression.
calledThe intuition was called universal grammar.
vivendiVivendi universal is a French media conglomerate.
famousThe famous universal studio is a popular destination for tourists.
continuedThe continued universal unrest and the global economic slowdown have created an atmosphere of uncertainty.
interThe inter universal nature of the quantum field theory of gravity, in addition to accounting for the possibility of the wormhole, also implies that the graviton must possess a non-integer spin.
cultureA culture universal is a trait found in all cultures.
3rdThe 3rd universal War had come and gone.
circumconscientThe circumconscient universal abstractly specifies properties for all cultural objects.
partThe part universal can also be the quantum level.
extantThe extant universal for the Louvre is 123456789.
compulsoryThe compulsory universal military service was a burden to the young men.

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