Adjectives for Update

Adjectives For Update

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing update, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'update' can take on a myriad of nuances depending on the adjective it is paired with. For instance, 'last update' conveys a sense of finality, suggesting it's the most recent change or addition. 'Recent update,' on the other hand, implies something that happened not long ago, yet leaves room for more. 'Latest update' suggests cutting-edge, being the newest of all. When we talk about a 'clinical update,' it refers to advancements or news in the medical field, carrying a professional tone. The 'next update' is filled with anticipation, signaling something on the horizon. Finally, 'annual update' indicates a regular, scheduled change or addition. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives linked with 'update' for richer context and understanding.
lastThe last update was at 9:00 AM.
recentI am very excited about the recent update
latestWe're pleased to announce the latest update to our software.
clinicalThe clinical update on the patient's condition was very positive.
nextThe next update should fix the issues that you were experiencing.
annualWe will provide an annual update on the progress of the project.
yearI'm excited to share the latest year update with you.
dynamicThe dynamic update feature allows for real-time data changes without the need for a full refresh.
publicThe public update provided vital information about the upcoming changes.
briefHere's a brief update on the latest news.
typicalHave you checked the typical update on the project?
monthlyI looked forward to the monthly update on my investment portfolio.
furtherWe will provide a further update as soon as it is available.
currentWe require the current update on this issue.
incrementalThe incremental update process ensures a continuous flow of data without any missing or duplicate records.
quickI have a quick update for you!
weeklyI sent the weekly update to the team this morning.
periodicThe team will provide a periodic update on the project's progress.
singlePlease check for updates and install the single update
dailyEvery morning, I get a daily update on the latest news.
regularI will receive a regular update from my manager on my progress.
majorThe team implemented a major update to the software.
completeI received a complete update on the project's progress.
fullI will send you a full update tomorrow.
partialThe partial update request only updates the specified fields and leaves other fields as is.
criticalPlease install the latest software critical update to avoid security risks and bugs.
comprehensiveHe provided a comprehensive update on the project's progress.
sequentialThe process involved sequential update of the dataset with new information.
finalThe final update will be released next week.
globalWe'll give you a global update on the situation as it develops.
epidemicThe epidemic update was released this morning.
immediateWe have incorporated an immediate update to our company's policies and procedures.
statisticalThe statistical update provided valuable insights into the company's performance.
simpleThe management team gave a simple update on the project's status.
bindingThe binding update will be applied to all users.
aidsThe AIDS update was shocking.
quarterlyWe've included the quarterly update in our report.
timeThe time update will be announced shortly.
manualThe manual update was successfully installed.
theoreticalThe theoretical update provided a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in the field.
previousCan you give me information since the previous update?
constantThey send constant updates about their projects.
subsequentI'll keep you posted with a subsequent update
basedThe based update was released last week.
actualThe actual update will be available soon.
concurrentThe concurrent update failed due to a version mismatch.
stateThe state update processed successfully.
onlineI received the latest online update for my software.
legislativeThe legislative update was sent out last week.
contraceptiveThis is an important contraceptive update for all patients.
spineI'm not sure if I can help you with your spine update
empiricalThe empirical update was significant and provided new insights into the research question.
usefulThe user was provided with a useful update
mailI received a mail update about the latest news.
simultaneousThe simultaneous update of multiple databases ensures data consistency across the system.
contemporaryThe contemporary update to the classic design resulted in a sleek and modern aesthetic.
correspondingWe will notify you by email with the corresponding update
excellentThis is an excellent update
minorThe minor update was released on Wednesday.
rapidWe need a rapid update on the status of the project.
yearlyWe make a yearly update to our software to ensure it is running smoothly.
timelyWe appreciate your timely update on the project's progress.
atomicThe atomic update ensures that a concurrent write will not overwrite the value of the variable.
remoteOur software receives remote updates to fix bugs and add new features.
liveThe app received a live update
detailedI am providing you with a detailed update on the project's progress.
frequentThe software requires frequent update to protect users from new threats.
selectiveThe selective update feature allows you to update specific fields in a document without overwriting the entire document.
asynchronousThe asynchronous update was completed successfully.
continualThe company's continual update of its website ensured that customers always had the latest information.
randomI just had a random update about the new product release date.
conciseThe concise update was delivered to the team in a timely manner.
fileA file update has been released recently.

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