Adjectives for Upgrading

Adjectives For Upgrading

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing upgrading, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe upgrading can significantly change the perception of the action. A technological upgrading implies a focus on modernization and efficiency improvements, while an industrial upgrading may suggest scaling or enhancing manufacturing processes. A general upgrading portrays a broad improvement, whereas continuous upgrading emphasizes an ongoing effort. An educational upgrading highlights advancements in knowledge or skills, and a substantial upgrading suggests a major improvement. Understanding these nuances can enrich communication, ensuring the message is precise and impactful. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with upgrading to convey the exact level of improvement you intend.
technologicalThe company has invested heavily in technological upgrading
industrialWe study the innovation process in industrial upgrading by examining the role of the new manager training program in employee promotion.
generalThe general upgrading of the city's infrastructure was completed last year.
continuousThe company has invested heavily in continuous upgrading of its equipment and facilities.
educationalThe employee was given the chance for an educational upgrading
substantialThe substantial upgrading of the facilities will ensure a better learning environment for the students.
constantThe software's constant upgrading ensured its relevance in the ever-evolving technological landscape.
majorThe major upgrading of the facility will take several months to complete.
significantA significant upgrading of our server equipment was performed.
occupationalOccupational upgrading is the process of moving into higher-paying jobs with more responsibilities.
furtherI'm afraid the computer's hardware cannot support further upgrading
continualContinual upgrading ensured the system's reliability and efficiency.
technicalThe technical upgrading of the system is expected to be completed by the end of the month.
gradualThe gradual upgrading of the infrastructure will take several years.
rapidThe rapid upgrading of technology has made it possible to stay connected with people around the world.
considerableThe entire area underwent considerable upgrading in the past few years.
economicAutomation and other technological advancements have helped drive economic upgrading in the manufacturing sector.
adaptiveThe adaptive upgrading system allows for ongoing improvements to be seamlessly integrated into the existing system.
physicalThe company plans to invest heavily in physical upgrading and expansion this year.
professionalThe company offers its employees a comprehensive program of professional upgrading
academicAcademic upgrading provides individuals with the opportunity to advance their education and skills.
structuralThe research group's work in structural upgrading of construction is very important.
functionalThe functional upgrading of the software will enhance its capabilities.
extensiveExtensive upgrading is recommended for improved performance.
urbanThe government is implementing urban upgrading projects to improve the living conditions in slums.
massiveThe company announced a massive upgrading of its infrastructure.
futureThe latest future upgrading added several new features to the software.
continuedThey continued upgrading the system to improve its efficiency.
seismicThe building underwent seismic upgrading to withstand potential earthquakes.
recentThe recent upgrading of the software has improved its functionality.
progressiveThe company is implementing a progressive upgrading strategy to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.
environmentalThe company's environmental upgrading program has reduced emissions by 20%.
steadyThe system is under steady upgrading
overallThe city government announced the overall upgrading of amenities this year.
qualitativeThe company has been working on the qualitative upgrading of its products.
subsequentThe subsequent upgrading of the software was completed without incident.
incumbentThe incumbent upgrading of the capital city involved extensive infrastructure improvements.
periodicThe software requires periodic upgrading to ensure its optimal performance.
institutionalInstitutional upgrading allowed the organization to improve its systems and processes.
slumSlums are often the best option for people living in poverty, but they can be improved through slum upgrading
successfulThe successful upgrading of the system was completed without any issues.
geneticGenetic upgrading promises to improve the quality of life.
squatterSquatter upgrading is the process of improving the living conditions of informal settlements.
regularOur network engineers perform regular upgrading to our systems to provide the latest security patches and features.
necessaryNecessary upgrading is inevitable.
incrementalThe incremental upgrading of software systems involves making small, gradual changes over time to improve their functionality and performance.
immediateWe need to initiate immediate upgrading of all systems before the end of the week.
dramaticThe dramatic upgrading of the facility has resulted in a significant improvement in patient outcomes.
informalThe concept of informal upgrading refers to the process of improving slums or squatter settlements by the residents themselves.
easyThe device allows for easy upgrading with a simple, no-tool design.
radicalThe company has undertaken a radical upgrading of its manufacturing facilities.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive upgrading of the equipment has significantly improved production efficiency.
selectiveThe strategic action of selective upgrading promotes the research of energy-saving technologies in China's steel industry.
termThe term upgrading was used to refer to a wide range of activities related to employment opportunities, with many having a focus on public service work.
modestWith modest upgrading the system should be able to handle the increased workload.
limitedThe limited upgrading options for the old software did not meet our needs.
slightThe slight upgrading of the system took only a few minutes.
sharpThe continuous sharp upgrading of China's military forces is essential to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
automaticAutomatic upgrading was enabled in the settings.
drasticThe team recommended drastic upgrading of the equipment.
competitiveThe company's competitive upgrading strategy involved investing in new technology and training employees.
eventualThe eventual upgrading of the system will increase its efficiency.
frequentThe frequent upgrading of the software ensured its continued compatibility.
slowThe slow upgrading of the system caused a lot of inconvenience.
infrastructuralThe infrastructural upgrading project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
markedMuch of the marked upgrading in later years was confined to the workshops and offices.
catalyticThe catalytic upgrading of biomass is a promising approach to convert biomass into valuable products.
consequentThe consequent upgrading of the road has led to a significant reduction in traffic congestion.
minorThe car was involved in a minor upgrading
residentialThe project was done in line with the residential upgrading policy.
correspondingWe need to provide the corresponding upgrading of the equipment maintenance technology.
widespreadThe widespread upgrading of the infrastructure has led to a significant improvement in the quality of life for residents.
scaleWith the continuous expansion of business, the company's infrastructure needs to carry out scale upgrading
vocationalHe completed his vocational upgrading in carpentry.
normativeNormative upgrading refers to the process by which social norms are raised to a higher level of ethical or moral standards.
concomitantConcomitant upgrading of the system necessitates a planned outage to ensure data integrity.
plannedThe city has planned upgrading of the water treatment plant.
costlyThe company is considering a costly upgrading of the plant's equipment.

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