Adjectives for Ups

Adjectives For Ups

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ups, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe ups can significantly impact the perception and emotional response of your reader. For example, grown ups conjures an image of maturity and responsibility, while close ups zoom in on detail and intimacy. Follow ups suggest persistence and diligence, whereas start ups breathe innovation and ambition. Opting for higher ups implies a hierarchy or elevation, and a push up evokes effort and improvement. Each adjective shades the noun with unique connotations, nuances, and contexts, enhancing your message's clarity and resonance. Explore our full list of adjectives to find the perfect fit for your ups.
grownThe grown ups were having a party in the living room.
followPlease ensure you diligently follow ups with your potential clients
higherThe higher ups approved my request for a raise.
pushI did 20 push ups this morning.
hangI don't have any hang ups about it.
flareFlare ups can be painful and uncomfortable.
sitShe did 20 sit ups in one go.
warmDoing some warm ups before running helps prevent injuries.
mockThe designers presented their mock ups to the client for approval.
popThe pop ups were annoying.
holdThe police are hoping to end the hold ups by solving the recent spate of robberies.
roundI enjoy watching the cows gather together for round ups
lineThe store's line ups are always long during the weekends.
lockThe local police precinct has multiple lock ups for housing apprehended criminals.
pinThe pin ups on the wall were faded from years of sun exposure.
cleanAfter the messy party, the clean ups took hours to finish.
backMake sure to back ups your files before you make any changes.
markYou should watch for mark ups on discontinued products.
regularThe hikers planned regular ups and downs for their trek.
emotionalThe rollercoaster led to many emotional ups and downs.
tieWe have had several tie ups with different companies.
foulWe had a lot of foul ups during our camping trip.
setSarah played a few games on the retro game set ups at the arcade.
medicalSome patients experience medical ups and downs during their treatment.
touchThe hairstylist made a few touch ups before the photoshoot.
breakDespite their break ups they remained friends.
periodicWe have seen periodic ups and downs in the market in recent months.
checkGoing to the doctor for regular check ups is always a good idea.
extremeThe roller coaster had extreme ups and downs.
frequentThe hiker had frequent ups and downs during the long climb.
stepThe step ups were challenging but rewarding.
experimentalThe experimental ups and downs of the project were well-documented.
occasionalLife has its occasional ups and downs.
cutThe cut ups on the paper were sharp and precise.
topI need to get some top ups for my phone.
standI enjoy watching stand ups at the local comedy club.
pasteHer paste ups have been spotted all over the city lately.
coverThe cover ups of the scandal were soon discovered.
callThe coach made several call ups to the team in preparation for the tournament.
splitThe couple announced their split ups after years of marriage.
techWe need to tech ups to keep up with the latest trends.
inevitableLife brings both inevitable ups and downs but how we react to them is what truly shapes us.
yearWe have two year ups at our house.
turnThe turn ups on his new jeans need to be cuffed up so they don't drag on the ground.
curlDo the curl ups slowly and with control.
pullHe did several pull ups before he got tired.
routineI perform routine ups to keep my system running smoothly.
crackThey got into several crack ups during the road trip.
violentThe stock market experienced violent ups and downs last week.
stickThe police quickly apprehended the masked stick ups
writeI received three write ups for my poor performance.
scaleThe researchers observed the scale ups during the experiment.
pageI scrolled up the page two page ups
dentalThe dentist discovered several dental ups on my recent checkup.
cyclicalThe market has been experiencing cyclical ups and downs over the past few months.

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