Adjectives for Upset

Adjectives For Upset

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing upset, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word upset carries a multitude of shades and nuances depending on the adjective that precedes it. Describing an emotion as more upset or much upset amplifies the intensity, while an emotional upset delves into the psychological aspects. Conversely, a little upset minimizes the extent of the disturbance. When transitioning to physical descriptions, terms like stomach upset and gastrointestinal upset point towards health and bodily reactions. Every adjective, therefore, not only enriches the meaning but also redirects the focus of the conversation in subtly different directions. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover all the nuanced ways upset can be expressed.
moreI was more upset with losing my keys than I thought I would be.
muchI was much upset by the news.
emotionalThe emotional upset caused by the news was evident in her trembling hands.
littleI was a little upset when I found out my flight had been canceled.
stomachHe suffered a stomach upset after eating the spicy food.
gastrointestinalThe patient's gastrointestinal upset was caused by food poisoning.
prettyI'm pretty upset about the situation.
mostShe was most upset about the loss of her dog.
gastricThe excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to gastric upset
lessThe situation made her less upset
realHe was real upset when he found out his dog had been run over.
digestiveHer digestive upset meant she couldn't enjoy her meal.
intestinalThe patient experienced intestinal upset after taking the medication.
leastHe was the least upset of all his friends.
systemicThe systemic upset caused widespread unrest.
majorThe game ended on a major upset when the underdog team won.
veryHe was very upset about the lost money.
severeShe was in a severe upset after her car broke down.
constitutionalThe court's decision was a major constitutional upset
mildThe mild upset in his stomach caused him to stay home from work.
stunningThe underdog pulled off a stunning upset and won the championship.
furtherThe incident further upset Jane, causing her to burst into tears.
angrySarah was angry upset about the broken dishes.
psychologicalHer husband's unexpected behavior caused her significant psychological upset
mentalAfter the mental upset of last week, I need to relax and recharge.
genuinelyI felt genuinely upset to hear the news.
seriousThe serious upset caused the team to lose the game.
biggestThe biggest upset of the tournament was when the underdog team defeated the heavily favored champion.
minorThe game ended in a minor upset when the Cardinals defeated the Patriots at home.
temporaryThe temporary upset was quickly resolved and the team was able to continue working.
nervousThe situation caused him a nervous upset
quiteAfter the long and harrowing journey, the travelers were quite upset
acuteThe player felt an acute upset after the coach yelled at him.
mightyThe jury was mighty upset when they heard the verdict.
somewhatI was somewhat upset when I heard the news.
suddenThe sudden upset of the stomach left him doubled over in pain.
slightestThe slightest upset in his routine would send him into a frenzy.
slightThe slight upset to his routine threw him off for the rest of the day.
occasionalShe takes pride in her even-tempered nature, only showing occasional upset when things don't go her way.
terribleThe terrible upset of the team's star player was a huge blow to their chances of winning the championship.
awfulThe awful upset left her feeling devastated and lost.
longerHer longer upset is because of her boss.
violentThe violent upset left her feeling shattered and lost.
physiologicalThe sudden cardiac arrest caused physiological upset resulting in a cascade of medical emergencies.
sadShe was sad upset because she lost her favorite toy.
tremendousThe election results were a tremendous upset with the underdog candidate winning by a landslide.
surprisingThe surprising upset left the crowd in complete shock.
unexpectedThey were disappointed by the turn of events, which was an unexpected upset
profoundThe news of the accident caused a profound upset within the community.
electoralThe unexpected victory of the underdog candidate was a major electoral upset
shockingThe shocking upset stunned the world.
minimalThe minimal upset was evident in her calm demeanor.
routineThe routine upset disrupted my day.
startlingChelsea suffered a startling upset against Sheffield United.
nighIt was a battle nigh upset for the ages.

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