Adjectives for Usd

Adjectives For Usd

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing usd, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding how adjectives modify the noun 'USD' can significantly alter the context of a financial discussion. Descriptors such as 'current', 'worth', and 'additional' not only convey quantitative changes but also introduce subtle nuances about value and time. 'Current USD' highlights the present value, while 'worth USD' implies a deeper questioning of value. 'Additional USD' suggests an increase, vital in transactional contexts. Meanwhile, 'constant' and 'non-' prefixed adjectives might refer to USD's stability or its comparison to other currencies. These adjectives paint a vivid picture of economic states and movements, making each sentence a nuanced exploration of financial dynamics. Discover the full array of descriptive nuances that can be paired with 'USD' below.
currentThe current usd price of Bitcoin is $38,000.
worthThe company's shares are currently worth usd 100.
additionalThe price was increased with an additional usd 40.
nonRemember the non usd
shortI need to exchange some short usd
demThe amount of money I owe is 100 dem usd
severalSeveral usd were recovered after the robbery.
longThe long usd is not good.
mereThe mere usd was not enough to buy the house.
nearestThe total price is nearest usd $135.
seurThe seur usd exchange rate is 1.20.
lessI need less usd than euros.
presentShe currently has $10,000 in present usd
averageThe average usd exchange rate for the past month is 1.12.
jpyThe recent exchange rate for jpy usd was 109.85.
totalThe total usd value of the transaction was 100.

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