Adjectives for Uses

Adjectives For Uses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing uses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the English language, adjectives play a crucial role in illuminating the context and enhancing the meaning of nouns. When paired with the noun 'uses,' adjectives such as 'other,' 'many,' 'different,' 'various,' and 'industrial' not only expand upon the functionality and applicability of objects, concepts, or processes but also hint at the vast possibilities and realms they can be associated with. From 'many uses' emphasizing quantity to 'industrial uses' specifying a sector, each adjective adds a unique shade of meaning, showcasing the noun's versatility and breadth of application. Delve into the world of 'uses' and discover how each adjective opens up a new perspective. Explore the full list of adjectives to truly appreciate the nuances they bring.
otherIt also has other uses in the industry.
manyThis humble tool has many uses
differentThere are different uses for this technology.
variousThe material has various uses
industrialThe factory was repurposed for industrial uses
possibleThe possible uses of this technology are endless.
alternativeThe empty bottles have alternative uses for storage.
importantWater has many important uses
therapeuticThe plant has various therapeutic uses including treating wounds, burns, and skin infections.
practicalThe stylus found practical uses in the field.
potentialResearch has indicated the potential uses of this technology in many different fields.
commercialThe company's products have a wide range of commercial uses
specificI need to buy some specific uses for my car.
specialThis product has many special uses aside from its main purpose.
medicinalSome plants have medicinal uses for treating various ailments.
commonThe common uses of a computer include word processing, gaming, and communication.
peacefulThe country has long advocated for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
clinicalFexofenadine has many clinical uses such as treating seasonal allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria.
multipleThis versatile tool has multiple uses from cutting to shaping and sculpting.
medicalThe herb has many medical uses
militaryThere are various military uses for this technology.
principalThe principal uses of the microscope are in the fields of medicine, biology, and chemistry.
agriculturalWater has many agricultural uses such as irrigation and raising livestock.
domesticWater's domestic uses include drinking, washing, and cleaning.
productiveThe computer has many productive uses in the office.
charitableThe donations will be used for charitable uses
residentialThe area is zoned for residential uses
futureThe company plans on expanding into other businesses with future uses for the technology.
traditionalThis tea has traditional uses in Chinese medicine.
typicalTypical uses of the word include culinary arts and medicine.
beneficialExploring the beneficial uses of AI in healthcare can improve patient outcomes.
legitimateBesides research, tonic water has a wide range of legitimate uses such as reducing cramps and fever.
urbanUrban uses have continued unabated in the area.
appropriatePlease use medication only for its appropriate uses and as directed by your doctor.
recreationalThe surrounding land offers recreational uses such as hiking, picnicking and biking.
ordinaryThe product also has many ordinary uses such as cleaning and degreasing
numerousIts numerous uses range from art to construction and even cleaning.
piousThe money was dedicated to pious uses by the archbishop.
educationalDigital technologies have a wide range of educational uses from providing access to online learning resources to supporting personalized learning experiences.
variedThe versatile material has varied uses in different industries.
chiefThe chief uses a staff to guide the dancers
earliestThe earliest uses of glass are dated to around 3500 BCE.
intendedThe intended uses of this software are varied.
specializedThis type of clay has many specialized uses such as in pottery and sculpture.
endHydropower plants are used to convert the kinetic energy of moving water to electrical energy for commercial and residential end uses
diverseFermented vegetables hold diverse uses in cuisines around the world.
creativeThe artist showcased their creative uses of everyday objects in their latest exhibition.
miscellaneousThe company specializes in miscellaneous uses of technology for the benefit of humanity.
valuableThe book contains valuable uses for essential oils.
mixedThe building has mixed uses including offices, retail stores, and residential units.
distinctIt serves distinct uses in various fields.
nonconformingThere are several nonconforming uses in the area, including a gas station and a car wash.
innovativeResearchers are investigating innovative uses for recycled plastic.
profitableThe company discovered new and profitable uses for its product.
civilianIn addition to its military uses, the technology has civilian uses as well.

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