Adjectives for Utilization

Adjectives For Utilization

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing utilization, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The utilization of resources or systems presents numerous opportunities for optimization. Whether it's seeking an efficient method that minimizes waste, an effective approach that maximizes outcomes, aiming for full use, striving for a better strategy, achieving the maximum potential, or ensuring proper application, the adjectives used alongside 'utilization' can profoundly impact its meaning and implications. Each adjective casts a different light, offering insights into the priorities and values at play. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that illuminate the nuances of utilization below.
efficientThe efficient utilization of resources is crucial for the success of any organization.
effectiveEffective utilization of resources is crucial for sustainable development.
fullThe full utilization of resources is crucial for success.
betterThis new system allows for the better utilization of resources.
maximumThe company's maximum utilization of resources allowed them to achieve their goals efficiently.
properProper utilization of resources can lead to improved efficiency and sustainability.
greaterThe new system will lead to greater utilization of resources.
highThe machine has been in high utilization recently.
lowThe project is experiencing low utilization due to the recent changes in the market.
possibleThe possible utilization of the new technology is still under discussion.
optimalOptimal utilization of resources led to increased productivity.
completeThe factory aimed for complete utilization of its resources.
cerebralThe patient exhibited remarkable cerebral utilization during the cognitive assessment.
substrateThe substrate utilization of the microorganisms was determined using a modified Stowers' method.
rationalRational utilization of resources is crucial for sustainable development.
poorThat car model has poor utilization hence the decision to recall it.
medicalThe medical utilization of this drug has increased significantly in recent years.
averageThe average utilization of the server is 80%.
higherThe latest model has higher utilization
bestOur team collaborated to ensure the best utilization of available resources, maximizing efficiency and achieving optimal outcomes.
totalThe company's total utilization of raw materials was 85% last year.
practicalThe practical utilization of this new technology is still under development.
intensiveThe intensive utilization of resources has led to a rapid depletion of our planet's reserves.
peripheralThe company plans to increase peripheral utilization by 20%.
actualActual utilization of the new system was higher than expected.
underThe company is facing under utilization of its resources.
directThis process involves the direct utilization of plant nutrients in the soil.
commercialThe company's research and development team is working on commercial utilization of the new technology.
successfulThe successful utilization of resources led to increased productivity.
appropriateAppropriate utilization of resources is essential for sustainability.
optimumThe company's optimum utilization of resources led to increased efficiency and profitability.
overallThe overall utilization of the system is high.
industrialThe industrial utilization of the plant has increased significantly in recent years.
sustainableSustainable utilization of natural resources is essential for the well-being of both present and future generations.
extensiveThe extensive utilization of social media has had a significant impact on the way we communicate.
inefficientThe company's inefficient utilization of resources resulted in a significant loss in profits.
currentThe project proposed optimizing current utilization on servers, reducing workload noise, and configuring the infrastructure.
fatFat utilization can be improved by increasing the intake of polyunsaturated fats.
widespreadThe widespread utilization of social media has changed the way we communicate.
subsequentThe subsequent utilization of the new software was met with mixed reviews.
improvedThe process has improved utilization of resources.
futureThe company is investing in renewable energy sources for future utilization
fullestWe will make the fullest utilization of all our available resources.
economicalThe company has clearly demonstrated the economical utilization of its resources.
agriculturalThe primary agricultural utilization of the land is grazing.
rapidIncreased demand led to the rapid utilization of the company's services.
netThe net utilization of the company's resources has been increasing steadily over the past few quarters.
excessiveExcessive utilization of resources can lead to depletion and degradation.
glucoseThe researchers measured glucose utilization in the brain using a radioactive tracer.
potentialThe potential utilization of this new technology is vast.
overThe over utilization of natural resources has led to a decline in biodiversity.
solarSolar utilization is a key factor in achieving sustainable energy solutions.
equitableThe equitable utilization of resources ensures that everyone has a fair chance to benefit from them.
differentialThe differential utilization of resources among different groups can lead to disparities in outcomes.
nonThe non utilization of resources was a major problem for the company.
wiseWe must ensure the wise utilization of our natural resources.
productiveThe productive utilization of resources is crucial for sustainable development.
inadequateThe inadequate utilization of resources led to a downturn in production.
adequateThe adequate utilization of resources is essential for successful project completion.
thermalThe thermal utilization of the system was found to be very high.
maximalThe company achieved maximal utilization of its resources by implementing new technologies.
profitableThe profitable utilization of resources is essential for maximizing shareholder value.
preferentialThe company's preferential utilization of local suppliers has helped to boost the regional economy.
physicianThe study found that increased physician utilization was associated with a decreased risk of death.
microbialMicrobial utilization of organic matter in soil is an important driver of nutrient cycling.
regionalThe regional utilization of resources is a key factor in sustainable development.
systematicThe systematic utilization of resources ensured efficient production.
myocardialThe researchers investigated the effects of exercise on myocardial utilization
bacterialBacterial utilization of the substrate is determined by its concentration.
intelligentThe intelligent utilization of resources led to cost savings and increased efficiency.
wider Wider utilization of technology would increase efficiency.
inpatientThe inpatient utilization rate has decreased in recent years.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive utilization of resources is essential for sustainable development.
inappropriateThe inappropriate utilization of resources led to a shortage.
unnecessaryUnnecessary utilization of resources can lead to waste and inefficiency.
scaleThe scale utilization of the project was 50%.
jointThe joint utilization of resources has proven to be an effective way to reduce costs.
cellularThe cellular utilization rate is calculated by dividing the number of successful cellular access attempts by the total number of cellular access attempts.

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