Adjectives for Vacation

Adjectives For Vacation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vacation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

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longThis long vacation was exactly what I needed.
weekI'm going on a week vacation to the beach.
shortI'm going on a short vacation next week.
firstMy first vacation took place at Disney World.
annualI'm taking my annual vacation next week.
littleI took a little vacation to the beach last weekend.
nextI'm so excited for my next vacation to the beach.
lastI went to the beach on my last vacation
paidI earned two weeks of paid vacation this year.
extendedI'm going on an extended vacation next month.
briefI am going on a brief vacation next week.
realI'm going on a real vacation next week.
dayThe family enjoyed their day vacation at the beach.
niceI had a really nice vacation
europeanWe went on a fantastic two-week European vacation last summer.
monthI am taking a month vacation to travel the world.
pleasantMy pleasant vacation was spent swimming, walking on the beach, and dining at oceanfront restaurants.
entireI spent my entire vacation relaxing on the beach.
wonderfulWe had a wonderful vacation last summer.
freeI won a free vacation to Hawaii.
perfectMy perfect vacation would be spent on a beach with clear blue water and white sand.
recentI had a great time on my recent vacation to the beach.
miniWe decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing mini vacation at the beach.
happyI wish your happy vacation can keep your battery charged for better next year.
neededI had been working hard all summer, so I really needed vacation
longerWe will enjoy a longer vacation this year.
plannedMy planned vacation to Hawaii was fantastic
regularThe employee is entitled to a regular vacation of 30 days per year.
permanentShe took a permanent vacation from her stressful job.
usualMy usual vacation consists of relaxing on the beach and reading books.
earnedHe took an earned vacation to Hawaii.
yearlyI enjoy my yearly vacation to the beach.
deservedAfter a year of hard work, she finally went on her deserved vacation
caribbeanThe Caribbean vacation was a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
restfulAfter a hectic year, the family embarked on a restful vacation to the serene beaches of the Bahamas.
hawaiianWe spent our Hawaiian vacation soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful beaches.
enjoyableWe had an enjoyable vacation last summer.
idealI'm looking forward to my ideal vacation next summer.
quietI took a quiet vacation in the countryside for some much-needed rest.
yearI am going to take a year vacation
prolongedHe decided to take a prolonged vacation after working for several years.
delightfulWe are having a delightful vacation in the Maldives
occasionalMy friend spends time with his family during an occasional vacation
expensiveMy expensive vacation to the Bahamas was worth every penny.
extraI'm so excited to have some extra vacation time this year.
tropicalWe went on a tropical vacation to the Bahamas last summer.
twoweekWe are all looking forward to a twoweek vacation together.
gloriousI had a glorious vacation relaxing on the beach.
memorableWe will never forget our memorable vacation to Greece.
favoriteMy favorite vacation was a trip to the Grand Canyon.
lengthyThe family took a lengthy vacation to the beach.
exoticI'm going on an exotic vacation to the Maldives.
romanticI'm planning a romantic vacation to Paris next month.
unusedSarah's unused vacation days will expire soon.
unexpectedThe unexpected vacation gave me time to recharge and reflect.
awaitedMy awaited vacation to the beach was everything I had hoped for and more.
weeklongI went on a weeklong vacation last summer.
overdueI'm so excited to finally go on my overdue vacation
lovelyI am enjoying my lovely vacation
excitingWe had an exciting vacation in Hawaii last summer.
forcedMy boss has sent me on a forced vacation for the next two weeks.
perpetualHe had been on a perpetual vacation for the last five years.
unpaidThe employee took an unpaid vacation to visit her family.
fabulousI had a fabulous vacation last week.
longestWe are planning for the longest vacation of our lives.
carefreeWe spent a carefree vacation on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.
mexicanMy mexican vacation was the greatest trip I have ever taken.
weeksI am going on a three weeks vacation to the Bahamas.

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