Adjectives for Vacuum

Adjectives For Vacuum

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vacuum, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'vacuum' evokes a sense of emptiness, but when paired with adjectives, its meaning expands, showcasing its versatility in various contexts. A 'high vacuum' implies a space with very low pressure, often used in scientific fields. A 'partial vacuum' suggests a space that is not entirely devoid of matter, hinting at its use in everyday contexts like vacuum cleaners. 'Political vacuum' points to a lack of leadership or authority, revealing its relevance in societal discourse. 'Social vacuum' reflects on spaces devoid of social interactions, while 'perfect vacuum,' a theoretical concept, delves into the realms of physics. 'Moral vacuum,' on the other hand, portrays a lack of ethical standards. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, bringing to light the word's multifaceted nature. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover more intriguing combinations.
highThe experiment was conducted in a high vacuum
partialThe partial vacuum inside the container caused the liquid to boil.
politicalThe abrupt resignation of the prime minister has created a political vacuum that could lead to instability.
socialThe social vacuum created by the pandemic led to a surge in virtual interactions.
moralThe moral vacuum left by the departure of the old guard created a breeding ground for corruption.
ultrahighThe experiment was conducted in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber.
spiritualThe void left by the loss of his faith created a spiritual vacuum within him.
culturalThe city's rapid growth has created a cultural vacuum that is slowly being filled by newcomers.
soconyThe oil company Socony vacuum was founded in 1911.
lowHe had to use a low vacuum to clean the car.
manifoldThe manifold vacuum affects the fuel mixture and combustion efficiency in an internal combustion engine.
completeThe laboratory was placed under a complete vacuum
intellectualThe intellectual vacuum in the room was palpable, leaving attendees uninspired and disengaged.
absoluteThere is an absolute vacuum in the space between the stars.
ideologicalThe ideological vacuum left by the collapse of communism allowed nationalism to thrive.
legalThe legal vacuum left by the absence of clear legislation has allowed for a proliferation of unethical practices.
torricellianThe water rises to make a Torricellian vacuum above it.
falseThe current universe might be in a false vacuum state with a much lower energy level existing.
slightThe wind whistling through the crack created a slight vacuum
nearWater boils at a near vacuum at a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius.
historicalThe historical vacuum created by the collapse of the Soviet Union left a power void in Eastern Europe.
institutionalThe institutional vacuum created by the absence of a government led to widespread chaos and instability.
existentialThe existential vacuum is a feeling of meaninglessness, emptiness, and purposelessness.
emotionalThe sudden loss left an emotional vacuum in her life.
theoreticalThe theoretical vacuum represents the absence of all matter and energy in a given space.
hardThe device needed a hard vacuum to operate.
ultraThe ultra vacuum was used to create a clean environment for the experiment.
trueThe true vacuum would be the lowest possible energy state of the universe.
standardThe aircraft is equipped with a standard vacuum system.
dangerousThe dangerous vacuum cleaner lurked in the corner, its menacing motor whirring.
highestA vacuum can create the highest vacuum that is possible to achieve.
relativeThe relative vacuum created by the pump allowed the liquid to flow more easily.
virtualThe virtual vacuum cleaned the floor automatically.
ultimateThe ultimate vacuum is the absence of all matter and energy.
hugeThe huge vacuum roared as it sucked up the dirt and dust.
pressureThe pressure vacuum inside the chamber had reached its peak.
constantThe constant vacuum of space exerts a powerful force on the celestial bodies within it.
dryThe maintenance staff used a dry vacuum to clean up all the dust and debris.
sufficientThe vacuum cleaner provided sufficient vacuum to remove all the dirt from the carpet.
thermalThe thermal vacuum test chamber is designed to simulate the environment of space.
administrativeThe company was in shambles due to the administrative vacuum caused by the sudden resignation of their CEO.
conceptualThe conceptual vacuum made it nearly impossible to understand the abstract ideas being discussed.
moderateThe moderate vacuum sucked up all the dust and debris.
suddenThe sudden vacuum created by the opening of the door sucked in the papers.
maximumThe maximum vacuum is achieved when all the gas has been removed from a container.
ethicalThe political system was left in an ethical vacuum after the resignation of the president.
vastA vast vacuum enveloped the abandoned building, echoing with forgotten secrets.
psychologicalThe sudden departure of the team leader created a psychological vacuum that disrupted the team's dynamics.
roughThe rough vacuum was used to remove the excess air from the chamber.
dynamicThe dynamic vacuum sealed the package tightly.
organizationalDue to the organizational vacuum created by the CEO's retirement, the company faced a period of uncertainty and instability.
inchThe inch vacuum was used to clean the delicate instrument.
enormousThe enormous vacuum sucked up all the dirt in the room.
continuousThe continuous vacuum cleaner has a long hose.
wetI used a wet vacuum to clean up the spilled milk.
resultantThe resultant vacuum quickly sucked the air out of the room.
infiniteThe infinite vacuum was devoid of all matter and energy.
emptyThe empty vacuum was lying in the corner of the room.
calledThe repairman called vacuum and started fixing it.
regulatoryThe company exploited the regulatory vacuum to its advantage.
strategicThe strategic vacuum left by the US withdrawal created a power vacuum in the region.
apparentResearchers created an apparent vacuum by suspending a tiny ball in the center of a levitating ring.
imperfectThe incandescent lights glowed dimly in the imperfect vacuum of the spherical bulb.

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