Adjectives for Validation

Adjectives For Validation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing validation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of both personal and professional growth, the term validation carries significant weight. The nuances that come from pairing it with adjectives like cross, empirical, further, consensual, external, and experimental can widely change the meaning and implications. For instance, cross validation implies a methodological approach in testing, whereas empirical validation shifts the focus towards evidence-based confirmation. The use of consensual validation brings in an aspect of agreement or acknowledgement from others, offering a social dimension. Choosing the right adjective can not only enhance the clarity and precision of communication but also imbue the sentiment with a deeper, more specific context. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that bring life and specificity to validation below.
empiricalThe empirical validation of the hypothesis was successful.
furtherAcademic conferences may require further validation of research findings, such as peer review or replication of studies.
consensualThe consensual validation of the data was conducted by a team of experts.
externalSeeking external validation often leads to disappointment.
experimentalThe experimental validation of the model was successful.
socialSocial validation is the act of conforming to the beliefs and behaviors of others.
scientificThe study has scientific validation which means that it has been reviewed and approved by experts in the field.
sideThe side validation process was completed successfully.
clinicalThe clinical validation of the new drug was successful.
initialThe initial validation of the new system was successful.
discriminantDiscriminant validation is a technique used in machine learning to assess the quality of a model and identify potential overfitting.
prospectiveThe prospective validation of this model is necessary to ensure its accuracy.
independentThe independent validation of the algorithm's results confirmed its accuracy.
contentContent validation ensures that the information is precise, accurate, and consistent.
statisticalThe study's findings were supported by statistical validation
internalHer belief in her own abilities gave her a sense of internal validation
preliminaryThe preliminary validation process is expected to take several weeks.
finalThe final validation confirmed the accuracy of the data.
personalPersonal validation is essential for a healthy self-esteem.
concurrentThe concurrent validation ensures that the data is accurate and consistent across all systems.
culturalThe study provides evidence of the cultural validation of the screening tool.
additionalThe company provided additional validation for the accuracy of its financial statements.
extensiveThe extensive validation process ensured the accuracy and reliability of the data.
formalThe formal validation of the new system was successful.
ultimateThe ultimate validation came when her work was published in a prestigious journal.
retrospectiveThe recent retrospective validation showed that the new diagnostic method correlates well with the gold standard.
convergentThe convergent validation showed that the two scales measured the same construct.
objectiveThe objective validation of the hypothesis was successful.
properThe following method have proper validation in terms of input sanitization.
completeObtaining complete validation brought him great satisfaction.
predictivePredictive validation is used to confirm that a machine learning model will perform as expected in a real-world setting.
subsequentThe subsequent validation of the results proved the hypothesis to be correct.
testThe test validation was successful.
quantitativeThe quantitative validation of the model confirmed its predictive accuracy.
rigorousThe research team conducted rigorous validation of the experimental data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.
carefulThe careful validation of the data resulted in a more accurate analysis.
functionalThe functional validation of the new software was successful.
adequateThe research team ensured adequate validation by performing multiple rounds of testing.
respondentThe respondent validation was conducted in accordance with the approved protocol.
automaticThe automatic validation feature ensures accuracy and efficiency during data entry.
mutualThe social media platform relies heavily on mutual validation
analyticalAnalytical validation is the process of evaluating the accuracy and reliability of an analytical method.
appropriateBefore publishing, submissions must go through appropriate validation
theoreticalThe theoretical validation of the model was supported by empirical data.
relatedThe related validation was successful.
levelThe new software program requires level validation prior to launch.
thoroughThe product underwent thorough validation before its release.
systematicSystematic validation ensures the reliability and accuracy of the system.
sufficientThis document is no longer in use and is retained for sufficient validation purposes only.
generalizedThe use of the term in generalized validation is not recommended, as it can lead to confusion and misinterpretation.
psychometricThe test underwent psychometric validation to ensure its reliability and validity.
biologicalThe data shown here provides strong biological validation for the experimental results derived from the genetically engineered mouse model.
outsideHer outside validation is essential to the overall project's success.
assayThe assay validation process helps to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the assay results.
rationalThe argument was based on rational validation
logicalThe logical validation of data ensures its consistency and integrity.

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