Adjectives for Value

Adjectives For Value

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing value, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'value' carries different nuances when paired with various adjectives, impacting its perception significantly. Describing something as having 'great value' implies exceptional benefit or importance, far beyond the ordinary. Conversely, 'little value' suggests minimal worth or significance, underscoring its limited utility or appeal. 'High value' is often associated with financial or intrinsic worth, indicating something precious or of substantial merit. 'Present value,' a more specific term, deals with the current worth of a future amount, a concept crucial in finance and investment. 'Total value' encompasses the complete worth of an asset, whereas 'average value' provides a mean or midpoint of values, useful in statistics and analysis. Delve into the full spectrum of adjectives that can delineate the intricate facets of 'value' in the list below.
greatThe car offered great value for its price.
littleThe old car had little value so we sold it for scrap.
highThe company's shares are considered to be of high value
presentThe present value of the investment is $10,000.
totalThe total value of the portfolio is over a million dollars.
averageThe average value of the sample was 42.
realThe real value of a person is not measured by their wealth or status, but by their character and actions.
maximumThe maximum value of the function is 10.
meanMean value for test scores is 35
fairThe company's assets were recorded at fair value
trueFinding the true value of something is not always easy.
intrinsicThe intrinsic value of the object was difficult to determine.
absoluteThe absolute value of -5 is 5.
practicalThis new technology has significant practical value in the medical field.
economicThe economic value of the new technology is still uncertain.
higherThey were able to extract higher value from their software.
greaterThe painting had a greater value than the sculpture.
criticalThe critical value for a significance level of 0.05 and a sample size of 10 is 2.262.
fullExperience the full value of your investment with our comprehensive financial planning services.
netThe net value of his estate was estimated at $10 million.
lowThe painting was of low value and was not worth buying.
positiveHer personality is a positive value for any social group.
actualThe actual value of the house is $200,000.
relativeThe relative value of a dollar has changed drastically over the years.
initialThe initial value of the variable was set to zero.
highestThe antique vase's highest value was due to its rarity and historical significance.
expectedThe expected value of the random variable is 5.
currentThe current value of the stock is $100.
numericalThe numerical value of the expression is 10.
minimumThe minimum value of the function is 5.
greatestThe greatest value in life is not material wealth, but the relationships we build.
equalThe two items have equal value
constantThe constant value remained unchanged throughout the experiment.
considerableThe painting has considerable value to the art collector.
predictiveThe predictive value of a test is the probability of a specific outcome based on a positive or negative result.
negativeThe account balance has a negative value
lowerThe stock price has a lower value than expected.
commercialThe patent has significant commercial value
limitedThe evidence has limited value unless it can be corroborated by other sources.
diagnosticThis medical test has a high diagnostic value in determining the presence of the disease.
nutritiveThe food has a high nutritive value
annualThe annual value of the company's assets is in the billions.
potentialThis promising initiative has the potential value to revolutionize the industry.
moralMoral values guide us in distinguishing right from wrong.
nominalThe nominal value of the stock is $10 per share.
educationalThe educational value of this video cannot be overstated.
historicalThe ancient artifact had significant historical value
correspondingThe corresponding value for the key is 123.
lessThe old car has less value than the new car.
inestimableThe ancient artifact was of inestimable value to the museum.
monetaryThe painting had significant monetary value
therapeuticMusic has therapeutic value for those who are stressed.
nutritionalSpinach has a high nutritional value
aesthetic"The antique vase added aesthetic value to the minimalistic living room."
exactThe exact value of pi is 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582.
permanentHistory is permanent value
grossBuying two items with a combined gross value of 150 dollars was a good deal.
theoreticalThe research project offers a theoretical value for understanding human behavior.
immenseThe ancient artifact possessed immense value and was coveted by many.
lowestThe lowest value in the dataset was 12.
calculatedThe calculated value allows us to predict future outcomes more accurately.
correctThe correct value is 42.
fixedThe fixed value of the resistor is 10 ohms.
observedThe observed value of the experiment was within the expected range.
largestThe largest value is forty-two.
definiteThe definite value of the integral is 10.
measuredThe measured value was significantly different from the expected value.
ultimateThe ultimate value of a product is determined by its ability to satisfy a customer's needs.

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