Adjectives for Values

Adjectives For Values

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing values, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe values can significantly alter the meaning and tone of a sentence. Different values may emphasize diversity or contrast, while cultural values highlight societal norms and heritage. Mentioning social values often points to communal beliefs and practices, whereas moral values emphasize ethics and principles. Describing something as having high values denotes a sense of superiority or excellence, and traditional values are linked to customs handed down through generations. Each adjective unveils unique shades of meaning, casting light on the complexities of values in our lives. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with values for deeper insights.
differentPeople from different cultures often hold different values
culturalThis nation prides itself on its cultural values
socialThe company promotes social values such as diversity, equality, and inclusion.
moralRespect for moral values is essential for a harmonious society.
traditionalFamilies with traditional values revere their elders.
higherThe higher values were too extreme to be included in the analysis.
meanThe mean values of the dataset are 10.5 and 12.7.
lowThe study revealed low values in the experimental group.
normalThe blood test results are within normal values
possibleThe possible values for this parameter are 1, 2, and 3.
positivePositive values help people think critically and objectively.
relativeThe graphs show the relative values of x to y.
correspondingThe equation must hold for all corresponding values
negativeThe scientist recorded negative values for the experiment.
lowerThe lower values were not significant.
initialThe initial values for the variables were set to zero.
typicalThe typical values range from 10 to 20.
actualThe actual values differed from those predicted.
personalPersonal values are the guiding principles that shape our thoughts, actions, and relationships.
experimentalThe experimental values obtained through the simulation were validated against theoretical results.
basicIntegrity and honesty are basic values that everyone should have.
spiritualThe importance of spiritual values was a constant theme throughout our conversation.
religiousOur religious values guide our daily lives.
measuredThe measured values were within the acceptable range.
followingThe following values are required to complete the form.
observedThe observed values were consistent with the expected results.
democraticThe country is founded on democratic values such as freedom, equality and justice.
highestOur highest values are honesty, integrity, and compassion.
currentThe current values of the stock market are being reported on the news.
criticalThe critical values for this test are 2.576 and -2.576.
extremeThe extreme values of the data were outliers.
ethicalEthical values govern our interactions and behaviors, guiding us towards what is right and just.
maximumThe researcher looked at the maximum values of the experiment.
trueThe concept of 'true values' is subjective.
largerSome of the larger values have been omitted for brevity.
calculatedThe calculated values were significantly different from the observed values.
fundamentalWe must always adhere to our fundamental values no matter the cost.
theoreticalThe theoretical values for the experiment were calculated using a computer model.
constantThe constant values were updated in the database.
appropriateThe appropriate values for the variables are x=2 and y=3.
aestheticThe artist's paintings were highly praised for their aesthetic values
smallerThis function accepts smaller values between 0 and 1.
universalUniversal values such as compassion, empathy, and honesty, are the foundation of a harmonious society.
dominantThe dominant values of a culture are those that are most widely shared and accepted.
respectiveThe sales and purchases have their respective values
exactThe exact values were not provided in the given data set.
minimumThe minimum values are set to ensure the accuracy of the results.
numericThese are the numeric values 1, 2, and 3.
classThe class values were calculated based on the student's test scores.
liberalThe school emphasizes the importance of liberal values such as critical thinking, open-mindedness, and diversity.
discreteThe data was collected at discrete values of time.
lowestThe survey results exhibited the lowest values among the respondents who were over 65 years of age.
societalSocietal values have a profound impact on the way people live their lives.
variableThe variable values for the experiment were 10, 20, and 30.
correctThe correct values are crucial for maintaining accuracy.
ultimateThe pursuit of ultimate values is a noble endeavor.
nominalThe nominal values for the test results were within an acceptable range.
intrinsicThe company places a high value on intrinsic values such as honesty and integrity.
instantaneousThe instantaneous values of the temperature and pressure were recorded.

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