Adjectives for Valves

Adjectives For Valves

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing valves, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'valves' may evoke images of industrial machinery for some, but in another context, it's intimately linked with the human heart. The adjectives associated with 'valves'—such as prosthetic, cardiac, aortic, and mitral—highlight not just the type but the essential role they play in both mechanical and biological systems. For instance, a 'prosthetic valve' implies an artificial replacement, vital for those with heart valve diseases, while 'aortic' and 'mitral' distinguish between valves within the heart, pointing to their specific locations and functions. Understanding these adjectives provides insights into the nuanced world of valves, whether in engineering or human anatomy. Delve into the full list of adjectives that reveal more about the diverse roles and types of valves.
prostheticThe doctor placed two prosthetic valves in my heart to correct the regurgitation.
cardiacThe cardiac valves prevent blood from flowing backward.
aorticThe aortic valves were functioning well and did not need to be replaced.
mitralMitral valves regulate the blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle during the cardiac cycle.
mechanicalThe mechanic suggested the patient may need mechanical valves to repair his heart's mitral valve.
posteriorThe posterior valves were repaired during the surgery.
tricuspidThe tricuspid valves are the right-sided atrioventricular valves of the heart.
offThe off valves were closed to prevent the flow of gas.
automaticThe automatic valves in the engine prevented backflow.
operatedThe workers operated valves to regulate the flow of gas.
artificialThe patient with a heart murmur underwent surgery to replace his aortic and mitral valves with artificial valves
ventricularThe ventricular valves prevent the backflow of blood into the atria.
bioprostheticBioprosthetic valves are artificial heart valves made from animal tissue.
normalThe cardiologist checked the patient's normal valves functioning.
thermionicThe old radio used thermionic valves to amplify the signal.
rotaryThe engine employs two rotary valves to control the intake and exhaust ports.
checkThe check valves prevented the backflow of water.
mainThe main valves were closed to prevent flooding.
openThe open valves allowed the gas to escape
incompetentThe incompetent valves led to a catastrophic failure.
pulmonicThe pulmonic valves prevent backflow of blood into the right ventricle.
rightThe right valves of the Mussels are slightly swollen and granular, while the left valves are slightly flattened.
overheadThe mechanic replaced the worn-out overhead valves with new ones to improve the engine's performance.
hydraulicThe hydraulic valves are used to control the flow of fluid in a hydraulic system.
returnThe pipes were fitted with return valves to prevent backflow.
largerThe larger valves in the water pump had to be replaced.
separateThe contractor fitted separate valves to each radiator.
leakyThe plumbing in the old house had leaky valves
numerousThe plumbing system had numerous valves to control the flow of water.
controlledThe controlled valves opened and closed to regulate the flow of water.
typeThe old engine had to be repaired by replacing the type valves
pressureThe pressure valves in the engine were faulty, causing it to overheat.
stenoticThe stenotic valves in his heart made it difficult for him to breathe.
pneumaticA technician inspected the noisy pneumatic valves on the oil rig.
porcineThe surgeon used porcine valves to replace the damaged ones in the patient's heart.
leftSeveral left valves were found at the site.
diseasedHis heart murmur was caused by diseased valves
doubleThe heart has four chambers and double valves
congenitalThe congenital valves failed to close, resulting in a heart murmur.
directionalThe directional valves were used to control the flow of hydraulic fluid in the system.
electronicThe technicians repaired the electronic valves in the early morning.
reliefThe relief valves on the tank prevented a catastrophic explosion.
defectiveThe engine's defective valves caused the car to stall.
suitableThe plumbing system utilized suitable valves to regulate water flow.
reducing"Reducing valves" are used to reduce the pressure of a fluid.
balancedThe efficient functioning of the engine is ensured by balanced valves
lunarThe lunar valves were open, allowing the moon's light to flood the valley.
manualThe operator is required to operate the manual valves in correct sequence and verify the correct valve position.
auriculoventricularThe auriculoventricular valves are a pair of valves in the heart that allow blood flow from the atria to the ventricles.
nativeThe patient had severe aortic stenosis with native valves
loadedThe loaded valves clattered as the steam engine roared.
ordinaryThe old house was still using its ordinary valves
thermostaticThermostatic valves regulate the temperature of a system by automatically adjusting the flow of fluid or gas.
conventionalThe researchers developed a numerical model of the engine based on a simplified geometry with conventional valves
multipleThe heart has multiple valves to regulate blood flow.
competentThe competent valves ensured smooth blood flow through the heart.
abnormalThe doctor said that the patient had abnormal valves
unidirectionalThe unidirectional valves in the pump ensured that the fluid flowed in only one direction.
wayThe way valves were open, allowing water to flow freely.
passThe pass valves were open, allowing the flow of gas.
smallerThe smaller valves allowed the pressure to build up more slowly.
venousThe valves in the veins, called venous valves help prevent blood from flowing backward.
actuatedThe actuated valves controlled the flow of water through the system.
proportionalHydraulic proportional valves are usually used for a wide variety of electro-hydraulic control systems that require precise, proportional regulation of pressure and flow rates.
rectalThe rectal valves were clearly visible during the colonoscopy.
damagedThe damaged valves caused the engine to stall.
slideThe slide valves regulate the flow of fluid in the system.
flushThe flush valves in the bathrooms need to be replaced.
inletThe mechanic replaced the inlet valves in the engine.
necessaryThe necessary valves were in place to ensure the proper flow of liquid.
calcifiedThe calcified valves in his heart restricted blood flow.
inchThe plumber used inch valves to connect the pipes.
actingThe engineer adjusted the machine's acting valves to prevent overheating.
tripleCardiologists closely examined the patient's triple valves

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