Adjectives for Van

Adjectives For Van

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing van, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a van can significantly alter the perception of the reader or listener. A white van might conjure images of cleanliness or business-like efficiency, while an old van brings to mind a sense of history or perhaps weariness. The color adjective, be it blue, red, or black, colors not just the vehicle but the mood of the narrative. Meanwhile, a large van suggests spaciousness and capacity. The nuance each adjective introduces shapes our understanding in subtle but impactful ways. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that catch the unique essence of vans below.
whiteI saw a suspicious white van parked down the street.
oldThey drove to the beach in their old van
blueThe blue van sped down the highway.
hetIk heb het van een vriend gekregen.
blackThe large black van lurked in the shadows.
largeI'm driving a large van to the airport.
smallThe small van was parked in the driveway.
bigThe big van was parked in the driveway.
mobileThe mobile van was parked by the lake.
weakThe weak van sputtered and died on the side of the road.
greenThe green van pulled up to the curb.
redThe old red van was parked by the curb.
miniWe rented a spacious mini van to accommodate our large family for the road trip.
londonThe red london van drove through the city.
darkThe dark van sped down the highway, disappearing into the night.
yellowThe yellow van sped down the highway
grayI saw a gray van parked in the driveway.
britishThe british van was parked outside the house.
attractiveThere was an attractive van parked outside the mall.
overzichtIk heb een overzicht van de financiën gemaakt.
dieDie van het bedrijf sprak lovende woorden over de samenwerking.
unmarkedThe unmarked van pulled up to the curb and the men inside jumped out.
groenmanDe groenman van de markt is jarig vandaag.
luggageThe luggage van was filled with suitcases.
indirectThe police pulled over the indirect van and arrested the driver.
brownThe brown van sped down the highway.
closedThey loaded the furniture into the closed van
hugeThe huge van was parked in the driveway.
opzichteDe kwaliteit van de opleiding was onvoldoende opzichte van de doelstellingen.
batteredThe battered van had seen better days.
netHe loaded the net van with all the fish he caught.
lightThe light van sped down the highway.
behoeveDe Commissie wordt geacht te handelen ter behoeve van de nationale regeringen.
antiThe group of people protested against the anti van policy.
willemWillem van Riebeeck, a Dutch merchant and explorer, founded the first European settlement in South Africa.
wetThe wet van was parked in the driveway.
emptyThe empty van pulled into the driveway.
dienstDe dienst van de politie was goed.
coveredThe moving company loaded the furniture into the covered van
handelingenDe handelingen van de burgemeester stuitten op veel weerstand.
dutchThe Dutch van was filled with tulips.
opdrachtDe opdracht van de leraar was erg moeilijk.
armoredThe armored van pulled up to the bank, its guards ready to escort the money inside.
catalogusDe catalogus van de tentoonstelling is in kleur gedrukt.
coloredI saw a colored van on the street.
windowlessThe windowless van was parked around the back of the old warehouse.
queLos niños que van a la escuela están aprendiendo mucho.
gerardusGerardus van der Leeuw was a Dutch theologian.
movingI saw a moving van parked outside my neighbor's house.
invloedDe invloed van de leraar op haar studenten is onmiskenbaar.
stolenThey found the stolen van abandoned.
postalThe yellow postal van that just drove by is the third one I've seen this morning.
drawnThe drawn van was parked in the driveway.
elasticThe elastic van stretched and twisted around the tight corners.
greyThe grey van sped down the highway.
plainThe man drove a plain van down the road.
fibulaThe fibula van is a type of van that is used to transport fibulae.
briefHe decided to have a picnic and he drove there in his brief van
stokelyStokely van led students from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in protests in California, Mississippi, and Alabama.
gevalHet geval van de vermiste persoon is nog steeds in onderzoek.
motorThe motor van sped down the highway, its engine roaring.
denierThe denier van rolled over and spilled its occupants onto the tarmac.
patronThe patron van arrived at the hospital.
tonThe ton van made its way down the road.
rangeThe range van was parked in the driveway.
electricThe electric van is a zero-emission vehicle that is powered by an electric motor.
dearDear van please safely deliver this package to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500.
tinyThe tiny van was just big enough to hold me and my belongings.

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