Adjectives for Variation

Adjectives For Variation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing variation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuances of using adjectives with the noun 'variation' can greatly enhance the depth of your writing. Descriptors like 'considerable,' 'wide,' and 'great' emphasize the extent or degree of variation, adding a sense of scale and impact. 'Genetic' and 'seasonal' adjectives navigate the conversation towards specific contexts, be it biological diversity or changes across different times of the year. Meanwhile, using 'little' introduces minimal deviation, highlighting preciseness or the lack of variation. These subtle distinctions offer a richer understanding and precise depiction of the subject matter. Dive deeper into how each adjective brings its unique flavor to 'variation' in the full list below.
considerableThere was considerable variation in the data.
wideThe class of students had a wide variation in test scores.
greatThe results showed great variation in the students' test scores.
geneticGenetic variation is the difference in DNA sequences between individuals.
seasonalThe seasonal variation in temperature is significant.
littleThe figures showed little variation from the previous year.
individualEach species displays a remarkable degree of individual variation
slightHe made a slight variation to the recipe.
diurnalThe diurnal variation of the Earth's magnetic field is caused by the rotation of the Earth and the Sun's magnetic field.
muchThe project has undergone much variation during development.
significantThe data shows significant variation across different regions.
regionalSpecific terms may have regional variation across different parts of the country.
spatialThe spatial variation of the data indicates that it is not consistent across the entire region.
greaterThis dataset demonstrates greater variation than the previous one.
totalThe total variation of the function is 2.
randomRandom variation is not the same as random assignment.
normalThe normal variation of the data did not show any significant trends.
annualThe annual variation of precipitation in this region is 80 centimeters.
substantialThe results of the experiment showed substantial variation across the different groups.
temporalThe temporal variation in the data was analyzed using a time series model.
continuousThe continuous variation of the system was evident in the smooth transition between states.
lessThe options had less variation compared to the previous year.
culturalThe vast cultural variation across the globe is a testament to the richness and diversity of human experience.
interestingThis is an interesting variation
markedDespite marked variation between cultures, many aspects of this ritual appear nearly universal.
systematicThe systematic variation of the dependent variable can be attributed to the experimental manipulation.
possibleHer banishment was a possible variation in the legend.
dailyThe daily variation in temperature can be significant.
geographicThe geographic variation in the distribution of species was striking.
observedScientists observed variation in the data they collected.
antigenicAntigenic variation is a mechanism used by certain microorganisms to evade the immune system.
geographicalThere is a large amount of geographical variation in the species.
linguisticLinguistic variation is the term used to describe the differences in language use between groups of people.
phenotypicThe phenotypic variation within a population is the result of the interaction between genetic and environmental factors.
extremeThe study of extreme variation in the climate system requires leveraging data from multiple sources.
greatestThe weather has shown its greatest variation during the spring.
environmentalEnvironmental variation can have a profound effect on the development and evolution of organisms.
secularPaleomagnetism experts greatly value the knowledge of secular variation in the history of the Earth.
linearThe formula of linear variation is y = k * x.
negativeThe company's profits showed a negative variation in the last quarter.
periodicThe periodic variation in the data suggests an underlying cyclical pattern.
maximumThe lithe sprinter tackled the arduous race with maximum variation
magneticThe magnetic variation is the angle between True North and Magnetic North.
minorThe results showed minor variation in the data.
correspondingThe corresponding variation of the pressure was measured to be 0.02 atm.
biologicalThe biological variation between individuals can be attributed to both genetic and environmental factors.
circadianCircadian variation is the natural fluctuation of physiological and behavioral processes over a 24-hour period.
enormousThe enormous variation in temperature across the globe is a result of the uneven distribution of solar radiation.
tremendousThe results showed a tremendous variation in the number of respondents who agreed with the statement.
meanThe population mean variation is an important measure of the variability of a population.
quantitativeThe quantitative variation in the data was statistically significant.
structuralScientists study human structural variation to identify genetic sources of disease.
intraspecificThe intraspecific variation of the population was caused by environmental factors.
climaticThe climatic variation in this region is extreme.
cyclicThe cyclic variation of the seasons brings about changes in both plant and animal life.
typicalThis typical variation results from the observation of several prosecutions that share some basic common characteristics.
rapidThe landscape exhibited rapid variation in elevation.
interindividualResearchers used a linear mixed model to test the effect of interindividual variation in the baseline response on subsequent responses to treatment.
infiniteThe artistry of nature expressed itself in infinite variation among the living things that shared the environment.
slightestThere was not the slightest variation in her routine.
concomitantThe concomitant variation of the two variables was evident in the study.
somaclonalSomaclonal variation is a natural genetic variation that is found in tissue culture-derived plants.
cyclicalHer behavior shows a cyclical variation
statisticalThe statistical variation in the data was significant.
leastThe least variation in the data was found in the control group.

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