Adjectives for Varieties

Adjectives For Varieties

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing varieties, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany the noun 'varieties' can deeply alter the message's nuance and focus. Describing something with 'many varieties' showcases abundance and diversity, while 'new varieties' highlights innovation and continuous improvement. The usage of 'different varieties' can underline distinction or variety, setting a tone of exploration or comparison. On the other hand, 'certain varieties' suggests a more focused and specific reference, potentially guiding the reader's attention to a particular set or type. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, enriching our expression and comprehension. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'varieties' to sharpen your linguistic precision and discover the subtle nuances each combination unveils.
manyThere are many varieties of apples to choose from.
otherWe can also make this with other varieties of vegetables.
severalThe store sells several varieties of apples.
differentFruits come in different varieties
newScientists are developing new varieties of plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases.
certainCertain varieties of cheese are made with raw milk.
resistant"Resistant varieties" are important for reducing the risk of crop loss to pests and diseases.
numerousThe store had numerous varieties of apples.
localTo protect local varieties farmers exchanged seeds freely across their region.
improvedResearchers are continually developing improved varieties of crops such as wheat.
mostPizza is available in most varieties in America.
distinctThis region is known for its distinct varieties of fruits.
yieldingImproved fertilizer management in combination with the cultivation of yielding varieties can substantially increase crop yields.
bestI tried many apples, and the best varieties were Fuji and Granny Smith.
principalThe principal varieties of limestone are lumachelle, coquina, and crinoidal limestone.
modernThe modern varieties of rhododendrons are incredibly diverse.
commercialI am only familiar with the commercial varieties of apples.
cultivatedThe cultivated varieties of roses are numerous and varied.
traditionalMany traditional varieties are grown in China and sold worldwide.
standardThere are many standard varieties of any given language.
redThe heirloom tomatoes came in a variety of red varieties
endlessThis magical place has endless varieties of flowers that are unbelievably beautiful.
infiniteThe world offers infinite varieties of experiences.
nativeThe author of the book discussed many native varieties of apples.
hybridThe club organized a talk on 'Latest Hybrid varieties of Rose' last Saturday.
innumerableThe beauty of the meadow was in its innumerable varieties of flowers.
chiefThe guava is cultivated in over 100 countries, with India leading and having the chief varieties of Allahabad Safeda, Lucknow 49 and Sardar
subThere are many sub varieties of apples, each with its own unique flavor and texture.
popularThere are popular varieties of fruit grown in the area.
regionalThere are many regional varieties of a given language.
susceptibleRust-susceptible varieties are planted in high-rust areas.
intermediateScientists have identified intermediate varieties that bridge the gap between the two main types of freshwater turtle.
smallerTomatoes come in smaller varieties that fit well in salads.
hardyRoses are available in many different hardy varieties
yellowThere are many yellow varieties of roses.
countlessMy garden is filled with countless varieties of flowers that bloom in an array of colors.
newerThese newer varieties produce good yields.
superiorThe new cooking method created superior varieties of fruits and vegetables.
suitableWe recommend selecting suitable varieties of plants for your garden.
markedThese apples are of the marked varieties
coloredThe garden was a riot of colored varieties
sweetWe offer a wide range of sweet varieties in our bakery.
rareThe collector proudly showed off his museum of rare varieties of fruit.
tallWe have tall varieties of plants here.
horticulturalHorticultural varieties offer a wide range of colors, textures, and fragrances.
indigenousThe project showcases indigenous varieties of corn that are cultivated in communities nationwide.
finerThe finer varieties of prosciutto are often served with melon.
colouredI love all the different coloured varieties of flowers.
finestThe wine list offers the finest varieties from around the world.
pollinatedPollinated varieties of plants often produce larger fruits and more seeds.
floweredThe garden was stocked with many flowered varieties
growingThe garden is full of growing varieties of flowers.

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