Adjectives for Vault

Adjectives For Vault

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vault, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse adjectives paired with the noun 'vault' unveils unique nuances and depths of context. A 'cranial vault' may evoke thoughts of anatomy and protection, while a 'vaginal vault' touches on specific medical or biological discussions. The stark contrast of 'blue vault' often sweeps our imagination to the skies or seas, bringing a sense of vastness or serenity. The phrase 'high vault' could suggest architectural marvels or places of safekeeping elevated in stature or security. Venturing into a 'dark vault' conjures feelings of mystery or trepidation, revealing the power of adjectives to shape our emotional and conceptual landscape. The 'ribbed vault,' on the other hand, delves into specifics of structure, indicating not just a place, but the intricacy of its design. Discover the full spectrum of meanings these adjectives impart when paired with 'vault' in our comprehensive list below.
cranial"The cranial vault is formed by the parietal, frontal, occipital, ethmoid, and sphenoid bones."
blueUnder the blue vault of the sky, birds took flight.
highThe gymnast performed a high vault over the bar.
darkThe expedition ventured into the dark vault its secrets hidden in the shadows.
ribbedThe ribbed vault is a self-supporting stone structure that was developed in the Gothic period.
groinedThe late medieval churches of Tuscany developed a new type of polygonal transept, often with a groined vault
celestialThe celestial vault was ablaze with billions of stars.
undergroundThe painting was hidden in the underground vault for many years.
subterraneanThe explorers discovered an ancient subterranean vault filled with forgotten treasures.
palatal"The palatal vault refers to the roof of the mouth formed by the hard and soft palate."
barrelThe nave of the medieval church has a pointed barrel vault
deepThe treasure was hidden in a deep vault beneath the castle.
starryUnder the starry vault the city twinkled like a celestial tapestry.
pointedThe church has a beautiful pointed vault
gothicThe cathedral's gothic vault soared high above us, a testament to the skill and artistry of medieval builders.
lowThe burglar entered the building by jumping over the low vault
concreteThe heavy steel door was locked, restricting access to the concrete vault
privyThe privy vault was built in the backyard
archedThe arched vault of the ceiling made it seem more spacious.
azureThe azure vault stretched endlessly above, a canvas of tranquil blue.
safeThe valuables were kept in the safe vault
centralThe bank robbers made their way to the central vault
poleThe pole vaulter soared over the bar, clearing it with ease.
heavenlyAs I looked up at the heavenly vault I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder.
royalHe was buried in the royal vault at Windsor.
quadripartiteBeneath the quadripartite vault of the cathedral, the holy relics shimmered in gilded splendor.
nasalThe nasal vault is the roof of the nasal cavity.
fireproofThe documents were stored in a fireproof vault ensuring their safety.
vastThe vast vault held secrets that had been hidden for centuries.
secretThe secret vault contained ancient artifacts that had been hidden for centuries.
sepulchralHe was buried in a sepulchral vault beneath the chapel.
solidThe gymnast landed safely on the solid vault
bonyThe bony vault of the skull protects the brain from damage.
hugeThe huge vault concealed ancient treasures of inestimable value.
posteriorThe posterior vault of the cranium is formed by the occipital bone.
entireThe entire vault was filled with gold and jewels.
immenseThe immense vault of the cathedral echoed with the sound of footsteps.
domicalThe domical vault of the cathedral was adorned with intricate frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible.
loftyThe ancient cathedral had a lofty vault supported by intricate stone columns.
gloomyThe explorer peered into the gloomy vault its darkness hiding secrets untold.
middleThe middle vault was the only one that was not looted.
upperThe upper vault of the cathedral was adorned with intricate carvings.
dampShe opened the door to the damp vault her heart pounding in her chest.
lierneThe lierne vault is a complex rib vault that uses diagonal ribs to create small, diamond-shaped panels.
narrowThe narrow vault was dark and dusty, and the air was heavy with the smell of decay.
woodenWe visited the church to see the beautiful wooden vault
crossThe cross vault is a type of architectural vault that is created by the intersection of two barrel vaults.
corbelledThe corbelled vault is formed by building courses of stone that progressively overlap to form an arch.
cartilaginousSharks have a cartilaginous vault that helps to protect their brains.
pharyngealThe pharyngeal vault is the upper part of the pharynx, located behind the nasal cavity.
proofThe proof vault was filled to the brim with evidence that could exonerate the defendant.
circularThe ancient cathedral features a magnificent circular vault adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant frescoes.
frettedThe ribbed and fretted vault is a type of ceiling seen in the Late Gothic style.
semicircularThe semicircular vault of the cathedral ceiling was an impressive sight.
shallowThe shallow vault was filled with ancient relics.
romanThe ancient Romans were skilled builders who used Roman vaults in their architecture.
innerThe church has an inner vault that is home to a number of historical artifacts.
cofferedThe coffered vault of the cathedral was a marvel of engineering.
hollowThe hollow vault of the cathedral echoed with the sound of the organ.
anteriorThe anterior vault is formed by the frontal and nasal bones.
shapedThe pointed shape of the shaped vault is distinct.
spaciousThe spacious vault echoed with the sound of their footsteps.
corbeledThe cathedral's corbeled vaulting is a marvel of medieval architecture.
cylindricalThe cylindrical vault of the cathedral is a marvel of architecture.
plainThe plain vault stored the ancient treasures.
coldThe cold vault was so cold that my breath froze in mid-air.
domedThe cathedral's domed vault soared high above the congregation.
continuousThe continuous vault stretches the length of the arena.
segmentalThe segmental vault is a type of architectural vault that is characterized by its curved shape.
rearThe rear vault was filled with old dusty boxes.
flatThe flat vault is a type of vault that has a flat surface at the top.

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