Adjectives for Vector

Adjectives For Vector

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vector, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of vectors brings a plethora of intriguing nuances, especially when adjectives like electric, dimensional, normal, mean, current, and random pair with them. Each adjective transforms the noun, vector, shedding light on various aspects of mathematics, physics, and beyond. An electric vector might convey the intensity and direction of an electric field, while a random vector could delve into probabilities and uncertainties. These adjectives not only describe but also unlock new dimensions of understanding and application. Exploring these combinations uncovers the richness of the subject matter, making every adjective-noun pairing a gateway to deeper knowledge and insight. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with vector and embrace the nuances they bring to the table.
electricThe direction of the electric vector of a linearly polarized wave is perpendicular to the direction of the wave's propagation
dimensionalThe three-dimensional vector points towards the upper right corner.
normalThe normal vector of the plane is (1, 2, 3).
meanThe mean vector of a set of vectors is the vector whose components are the respective means of the components of the original vectors.
currentThe current vector is pointing in the direction of the positive x-axis.
randomThe random vector was 1, 2, 3
initialThe initial vector was used to initialize the encryption process.
resultantThe resultant vector of the two forces is the vector sum of the two forces.
magneticThe magnetic vector is perpendicular to both the electric field and the direction of motion of the charged particle.
singleThe single vector points towards the direction of maximum variance.
angularThe angular vector is a vector that describes the angular displacement of an object.
constantThe constant vector points in the same direction throughout its length.
correspondingTranslate 3x into the corresponding vector
tangentThe tangent vector to the curve at the point (a, b) is given by .
interrupt"My interrupt vector is the address of the first instruction to execute when an interrupt occurs"
fourThe four vector represents the energy and momentum of a particle.
arbitraryThe arbitrary vector was used to represent the data.
reciprocalThe reciprocal vector is a vector in the reciprocal space.
nullThe null vector is a vector with all zero components.
axialThe axial vector a vector with both magnitude and direction, provides important information about the spinning motion of an object.
totalThe total vector of the two vectors (0, 3) and (4, 0) is (4, 3).
originalThis is an original vector
principalThe principal vector for the initial value problem is (1, 0, 0).
optimalIn the optimal vector case, the gradient of the loss function is zero.
unknownThe spacecraft was traveling at an unknown vector
residualThe residual vector was found to be significant.
complexThe complex vector is a mathematical concept that describes the direction and magnitude of a physical quantity.
characteristicThe characteristic vector of the matrix is the eigenvector corresponding to its largest eigenvalue.
appropriateThe appropriate vector is determined by the direction of the force.
finalThe final vector is represented by the blue arrow.
arthropodThe arthropod vector is responsible for transmitting the disease.
bitThe bit vector can be calculated by hashing the elements of the set.
relativeThe relative vector of the two points is the vector that points from the first point to the second point.
netThe net vector of the two forces is the vector sum of the two forces.
componentThe primary-secondary structures were described as a component vector consisting of 61 unique and 10 derived variables.
variableThe variable vector in this equation is unknown.
elementThe element vector is a mathematical construct that represents the position of an element in a vector space.
emptyThe empty vector is represented by a JSON object with no key-value pairs.
horizontalThe horizontal vector of the force is 10 N.
averageThe average vector of the features is calculated.
instantaneousThe instantaneous vector is the velocity of the object at that instant.
uniqueThe unique vector of the particle was calculated.
fixedThe fixed vector is used to represent the word in the vector space.
spatialThe spatial vector is a mathematical object that can be used to represent the position and orientation of an object in space.
normalizedThe normalized vector is orthogonal to the tangent space.
stateThe state vector contains all the information about the system.
potentialThe potential vector field is conservative.
basedIn the vector space, the vector itself can be based vector or unit vector.
suitableTwo suitable vectors A and B are found, and the vector C is obtained by linearly combining the vectors A and B.
verticalThe vertical vector points upward.
distanceDistance vector is a routing protocol used for routing in computer networks.
contravariantA contravariant vector is a vector that changes direction when the coordinate system is inverted.
covariantThe covariant vector is a vector that transforms like a tensor under a change of coordinates.
associatedThe normalized associated vector is stored in a static variable.
efficientThe program uses an efficient vector structure to store data.
waveThe wave vector can be used to determine the wavelength and direction of propagation of a wave.
nodalThe nodal vector of the Dirac semimetal characterizes the direction of the Fermi velocity.
polarThe polar vector points from the negative charge toward the positive charge.
globalThe global vector for one stock can be used to approximate the expected value of the cross-covariance between the noisy stock returns and any stochastic discount factor that prices the stock.
matrixThe matrix vector is used to represent the transformation of a point in space.
linearThe linear vector is defined by its magnitude and direction.
nonzeroThe nonzero vector v has a unique representation.
maximumThe maximum vector is represented by the longest arrow.
feasibleThe feasible vector is a vector that satisfies all the constraints of the problem.
electricalThe electrical vector is a measure of the strength and direction of an electric field.
receivedThe spacecraft received vector and orientation commands.

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