Adjectives for Vegetarian

Adjectives For Vegetarian

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vegetarian, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a vegetarian lifestyle can illuminate the diverse array of practices and beliefs within the community. From a strict adherence to plant-based living, highlighting an uncompromising commitment to animal welfare, to a pure approach that maybe also emphasizes the consumption of whole, unprocessed foods. On another spectrum, a feminist vegetarian might focus on the intersectionality of gender and food politics, while non, ovo, and complete vegetarian options reflect various degrees of dietary inclusiveness or exclusiveness, tailoring the lifestyle to personal health needs or ethical considerations. Uncover the full breadth of perspectives in our comprehensive list below.
strictThe strict vegetarian's diet includes no meat, poultry, fish, seafood, animal fat, gelatin, or other products derived from animals.
pureHe adopted a pure vegetarian diet after he got heart problems.
feministShe is a feminist vegetarian who believes in the rights of all living beings.
nonI am a non vegetarian and I enjoy eating meat.
ovoThe ovo vegetarian only eats eggs and dairy in addition to vegetables.
completeThe complete vegetarian avoided all meat and fish.
lactoHe followed a lacto vegetarian diet, excluding eggs and other animal products.
totalSandra is a total vegetarian who is always trying to convince her friends to give up meat.
trueJane was a true vegetarian and never ate meat or fish.
lifelongThe lifelong vegetarian ate a beyond burger and fries for lunch.
rigidThe rigid vegetarian refused to eat any animal products.
ardentThe ardent vegetarian refused to eat any meat or fish.
committedShe had been a committed vegetarian since she was a teenager.
devoutJohn is a devout vegetarian
indianThe restaurant offered a variety of indian vegetarian delicacies.
staunchThe staunch vegetarian refused to eat the meaty lasagna.
premenopausalThe premenopausal vegetarian was in good health.
healthyThe healthy vegetarian diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
ethicalThe ethical vegetarian chose to avoid all animal products for moral reasons.
postmenopausalThe postmenopausal vegetarian had the highest incidence of the disease.
convincedShe has been a convinced vegetarian for over ten years.
averageThe average vegetarian has a lower risk of heart disease than a meat-eater.
enthusiasticThe enthusiastic vegetarian devoured his tofu scramble.
pregnantThe pregnant vegetarian craved a juicy steak.
eatingElla started eating vegetarian last summer.
consistentShe has been a consistent vegetarian for the last ten years.
harmlessThe harmless vegetarian refused to participate in the hunt.
partialMy friend is a partial vegetarian so he only eats fish.
gentleThe gentle vegetarian was known for her compassion and love of animals.
famousThe famous vegetarian chef had a wide range of culinary skills.
avowedThe avowed vegetarian ate a salad for lunch.
timorousThe timorous vegetarian recoiled at the sight of a well-done steak
peacefulThe peaceful vegetarian enjoyed a delicious tofu scramble.
leanI am a lean vegetarian who loves to cook.
perfectThe perfect vegetarian lasagna is made with layers of pasta, vegetables, and cheese.
passionateThe passionate vegetarian was always trying to convince his friends to follow his lifestyle.
southThe restaurant serves traditional south vegetarian dishes.
deliciousThe delicious vegetarian dish was a hit at the party.
buddhistI am a buddhist vegetarian and I do not eat meat or fish.
gradualShe had been a gradual vegetarian for the past five years.
specializedVisiting a specialized vegetarian restaurant was a delightful experience.
prominentThe prominent vegetarian has been promoting a plant-based diet for years.
uncompromisingShe is an uncompromising vegetarian
nervousThe nervous vegetarian was concerned about the steak knife at the dinner table.
devotedThe devoted vegetarian never ate meat or poultry.
pronouncedI became a pronounced vegetarian out of respect for all animal life.
macrobioticShe is a macrobiotic vegetarian and only eats natural, unprocessed foods.
ferventThe fervent vegetarian refused to eat any meat or animal products.
fledgedThe fledged vegetarian has been living a meatless life for years.
keenThe keen vegetarian enjoyed her tofu scramble and avocado toast.
wiseThe wise vegetarian preached about the benefits of a plant-based diet.
thoroughgoingThe thoroughgoing vegetarian had been eating a plant-based diet for over a decade.
virtualThe virtual vegetarian dined on a meatless meal.
firmThe firm vegetarian ate a salad for lunch.

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