Adjectives for Vendor

Adjectives For Vendor

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing vendor, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a vendor can significantly affect the perception of the service or product offered. A single vendor implies exclusivity or specialization, whereas a multi vendor hints at a diverse range of options. Describing a vendor as same may suggest reliability or lack of uniqueness, in contrast to an outside vendor who might offer fresh perspectives. The term major denotes significance and influence, compared to a particular vendor who might cater to a specific niche. Each adjective paints a unique shade of meaning, steering customer expectations and experiences. Explore the full range of adjectives used to describe vendors and discover how each can influence your message and audience's understanding.
singleThe company decided to go with a single vendor for their software needs.
particularI'm looking for a particular vendor who sells handmade jewelry.
outsideThe company hired an outside vendor to handle customer service.
multiThe multi vendor marketplace offered a wide selection of products from different sellers.
majorThe major vendor provided excellent customer service.
commercialThe commercial vendor is responsible for providing the goods and services to the customer.
originalI asked the original vendor about the product's warranty.
specificThe specific vendor can provide you with more details.
unpaid"Can we pay the unpaid vendor for the services they provided last month?"
localI bought some fresh produce from a local vendor at the farmers market.
conditionalThe conditional vendor provided a significant discount on the purchase price.
partyWe hired a party vendor to help us plan our daughter's birthday party.
itinerantThe itinerant vendor sold delicious fruit and vegetables from his cart.
hotThe hot vendor sold delicious street food.
outsourcingWe have been using an outsourcing vendor for our IT support for over a decade.
externalWe need to hire an external vendor to help us with our marketing campaign.
privateThe private vendor provided excellent customer service.
onlineI ordered some items from an online vendor last week.
currentThe current vendor has not been able to provide the necessary support.
streetI bought a delicious arepa from a street vendor
potentialWe are currently evaluating potential vendors for our new project
preferredOur preferred vendor provides us with the best quality products.
independentThe independent vendor provided excellent customer service.
thirdI'm unable to share information about third vendors due to privacy concerns.
largestABC Company is the largest vendor of software in the region.
prospectiveWe have shortlisted two prospective vendors for the project.
appropriateOnly an appropriate vendor can provide the necessary documentation.
primaryWe are proud to announce our partnership with XYZ Corp. as our primary vendor for office supplies.
reputableThe reputable vendor provided excellent customer service.
dogThe dog vendor had a variety of breeds to choose from.
italianThe Italian vendor sold delectable cheeses.
successfulThe successful vendor provided excellent service.
retailThe retail vendor offered a wide selection of products at competitive prices.
primeThe prime vendor will be responsible for supplying all of the goods and services needed for the project.
chineseThe delicious food was purchased at the local chinese vendor
reliableWe have been working with this reliable vendor for many years.
licensedWe purchased office equipment from a licensed vendor
clientOur software client vendor is very reliable.
remoteWe are using a remote vendor to manage our IT infrastructure.
multipleWe have a multiple vendor contract with several different companies.
approvedThe approved vendor supplied the necessary materials per our requirements.
favoriteMy favorite vendor is the one that sells the best coffee.
femaleThe female vendor sold delicious fruit at the market.
blindThe blind vendor sold delicious tamales.
sweetThe sweet vendor's cart was overflowing with delicious treats.
crossThe cross vendor data sharing agreement is still under review.
dominantThe dominant vendor in the market is likely to be the one with the most market share.
soleThe company was the sole vendor for the project.
deceasedThe deceased vendor's estate is being administered by their executor.
pretzelThe pretzel vendor sold out of pretzels early in the day.
stateThe state vendor is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for the state government.
nearbyI bought some fruit from the nearby vendor
qualifiedOur company uses a qualified vendor for all of our IT equipment.
wholesaleThe clothing store purchased its inventory from a wholesale vendor
winningThe presentation and follow-up were excellent, the winning vendor did an amazing job!
siteThe site vendor was unable to provide the requested information.
antivirusThe antivirus vendor released a new update that promises to improve security.
fraudulentThe FBI is investigating a fraudulent vendor who bilked the government out of millions of dollars.
defraudedThe defrauded vendor filed a lawsuit against the company.
ultimateWe have been with the ultimate vendor for a few years now and have had a great experience.
innocentThe innocent vendor was unaware of the counterfeit goods he was selling.
mixedThe mixed vendor environment created a complex set of challenges for the IT team.
chestnutThe chestnut vendor roasted chestnuts on a cold winter day.
incumbentThe incumbent vendor was unable to meet the new requirements, so we decided to switch to a different provider.

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